Published On: Mon, Apr 17th, 2017

Microsoft will exhibit Project Scorpio Xbox console sum during E3 on Jun 11

Microsoft only sent out invites to members of a media for a large exhibit of Xbox Project Scorpio, a upgraded console that will be a “first loyal 4K console for gamers” according to a company. We’ve prolonged approaching E3’s press eventuality to be a large consumer entrance for Scorpio, though Microsoft spelled out that it will indeed be a star of a uncover in a blog post on Thursday.

The E3 press eventuality will occur on Sunday, Jun 11 during 2 PM PDT (5 PM EDT), and will entirely betray Scorpio to a world. We’ve seen a lot in terms of technical sum behind a stirring console, interjection to extensive reports about what a developer kits for a Scorpio contain, and a specs developers have been supposing in sequence to assistance them ready program for a device’s consumer launch.

Some topline specs to get we vehement – Scorpio’s GPU is around 4.5x as absolute as a Xbox One, and 1.4x some-more absolute than a PlayStation 4 Pro. It’ll also have an integrated energy section so we only have to censor a single, svelte cord, and it’ll underline an integrated 4K Blu-ray player.

We’ll find out what a final consumer console looks like during E3, and hopefully when to design it and how most it’ll cost. For now, here’s a look during what a developer pack hardware looks like, pleasantness of Gamasutra, that could yield some hints about a shipping console’s industrial design:

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