Published On: Fri, Mar 6th, 2020

Microsoft will compensate hourly workers unchanging salary even if their hours are reduced since of COVID-19 concerns

As some-more COVID-19 cases are identified in a United States, some companies are seeking employees to work from home if possible. But that impacts a jobs of people who work in on-site operations, including many who are paid by a hour. Today Microsoft pronounced that it will continue profitable all businessman hourly use providers in Puget Sound and Northern California their common wage, even if their work hour are reduced.

The proclamation privately refers to Microsoft workers in a Puget Sound segment and Northern California, though a association pronounced it will “[explore] how to best pierce brazen in a identical approach in other tools of a nation and a universe that are impacted by COVID-19.”

In a blog post, Microsoft boss Brad Smith wrote that employees in those regions who can work from home have been asked to do so.

“As a result, we have reduced need in those regions for a on-site participation of many of a hourly workers who are critical to a daily operations, such as people who work for a vendors and staff a cafes, expostulate a shuttles and support a on-site tech and audio-visual needs,” he said. “We commend a hardship that mislaid work can meant for hourly employees. As a result, we’ve motionless that Microsoft will continue to compensate all a businessman hourly use providers their unchanging compensate during this duration of reduced use needs.”

Smith added, “While a work to strengthen open health needs to speed up, a economy can’t means to delayed down. We’re committed as a association to creation pubic health a initial priority and doing what we can to residence a mercantile and amicable impact of COVID-19. We conclude that what’s affordable for a vast employer might not be affordable for a tiny business, though we trust that vast employers who can means to take this form of step should cruise doing so.”

Microsoft is among several tech companies that have asked employees in places where COVID-19 cases have been identified to work from home, like Washington state and California, including Google, Lyft and Square. Concerns about a COVID-19 have also led to a cancellations of vital events, like Mobile World Congress and Google’s I/O developer conference.

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