Published On: Fri, Apr 10th, 2020

Microsoft says video calls in Teams grew 1,000% in March

With a COVID-19 pestilence creation work from home a default for those companies that are means to do so, it’s no warn that we are saying a large arise in a use of video discuss collection like Zoom, Google Meet and Teams . We’d already listened some updates from Zoom and Google, though currently Microsoft assimilated a march with a new news on how a Teams users have blending to a arise of remote work.

Back on Mar 16, a association reported 900 million assembly mins in Teams . Now, reduction than a month later, it says that it saw a new daily record of 2.7 billion meetings in one on Mar 31. During those meetings, some-more users than ever also spin on their video cameras. Overall, a series of users who go on camera has doubled given before this predicament began and a altogether series of video calls in Teams grew by over 1,000 percent in March.

That’s a lot of time spent in meetings that could’ve substantially been used in some-more prolific ways, though it certain is a lot of Teams meetings.

The Microsoft group also looked during where people use video most, with Norway and a Netherlands heading a pack. There, 60 percent of calls embody video. In a U.S., that series is 38 percent. Microsoft says this might be due to a accessibility of quick broadband.

Microsoft also found that a users are also spending some-more time of a day with Teams. In March, a normal time between when somebody initial used teams and a final use of a use increasing by over an hour. The association argues that this doesn’t meant that people are operative longer hours, “rather that they are violation adult a day in a approach that works for their personal capability or creates space for obligations outward of work.”

No matter a use a association uses for remote work, it’ll be engaging to see how many of these new habits will hang once this predicament is over. In China, where some employees are now returning to work, a series of daily active Teams users continues to grow according to Microsoft though there will certainly also be regions where use will decrease fast once things get behind to something imitative normal.

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