Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2015

Microsoft Officially Launches Office For Android Phone

Microsoft this morning announced a central launch of Office for Android phone, 5 weeks after a association rolled out a apartment of applications as a preview. Today’s release, that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint designed for a Android smartphone experience, follows progressing efforts during bringing Office to Android tablets, as good as support for Office on iOS devices, Windows and OS X.

The Office apps offer support for a accumulation of common tasks, including a ability to examination and revise files while on a go, presenting PowerPoint presentations from your phone, and fast pulling adult papers even when they’re stored on competing services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. The apps, that will reinstate a comparison Office Mobile, need 1 GB of RAM and Android KitKat (4.4.x) or above. Android M is not nonetheless supported.

The apps are giveaway to use supposing we have a giveaway Microsoft account, though a series of additional features aimed during energy users can be unlocked with an Office 365 subscription.

The apps will also be pre-installed on inclination from over 30 OEMs, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and others, a association notes. Many of these inclination will arrive in sell stores after in a year.

However, users don’t have to wait for their own handset to come with Office pre-loaded – a apps are now accessible to a open for download. Word for Android, Excel for Android and PowerPoint for Android are live now on Google Play, and in China, they’re accessible on a series of choice app stores, including those from Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, and CMCC. The Samsung Galaxy Store also offers others around a universe entrance to download.

According to Microsoft, preview testers ran a Office for Android phone apps on over 1,900 opposite phone models in 83 countries, that authorised a association to incorporate their feedback into a versions out today. Testers’ feedback not usually helped a association troubleshoot bugs, though Microsoft also done adjustments to a user interface and total features, it says. For instance, a Office for Android phone apps now bond to third-party storage services including Google Drive and Box, and Microsoft implemented usability adjustments to make it easier to navigate commands within a apps.

The recover represents nonetheless another pierce by Microsoft to entirely welcome a cross-platform plan when it comes to a software. Office was once tied mostly to Windows PCs, though a association currently is operative to make certain a flagship capability apartment works anywhere a users are – even on competitors’ OS’s. The plan seems to be next at putting Office in a hands of a vast assembly – in Apr of this year, a association pronounced a iOS and Android downloads total had surfaced 100 million.

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