Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

Microsoft Office arrives on Chromebooks around Google Play Store

Microsoft Office is now accessible for Google Chromebook users by a Google Play Store – a important addition, given a dual companies offer competing products in terms of bureau capability software. Neither Google nor Microsoft are creation a grave proclamation about a Office applications’ attainment on Chromebooks. But we know a Office Android apps will usually be giveaway to users with specific devices, while others will need to allow to Office 365 to take advantage of a apps.

Chrome Unboxed was a initial to mark a attainment of Office around Google Play on Chromebooks.

This is a initial time Office has been accessible to Chromebook users by Google Play as a ubiquitous release, nonetheless a news currently from ZDNet records that some Chromebook users had been formerly means to get Microsoft Office from a beta chronicle of a Play Store.

The apps’ attainment is not too surprising, though, as Microsoft had said last year it would make full Android versions of Microsoft Office apps accessible to all concordant inclination when a Google Play Store for Chromebooks exited beta.

As we might recall, Google done Chrome OS means of ancillary Android applications final year, though that support had been singular to name models.

Things began to change in 2017, when a association betrothed that all new 2017 Chromebook launches would support Google Play. It afterwards delivered on that guarantee when inclination like Samsung’s new Chromebook and, some-more recently, Google’s flagship Pixelbook arrived.

Despite these changes, Microsoft hadn’t offered an updated timeline for publicly bringing a Office Android apps to Chromebooks. That left some to consternation if a apps’ attainment was still forthcoming, while others explored workarounds.

Now a Office Android apps for Chromebook are here, though there are a few caveats we should note.

For starters, only since all newer Chromebooks now support Google Play, a ability to run Android apps on comparison models is still limited. (A list of that name inclination are means to run Google Play is accessible here).

In addition, users with inclination whose screens are 10.1 inches or incomparable will need an Office 365 subscription to use a Android apps, ZDNet also forked out.

Of course, Google’s G Suite is still a some-more expected choice for a series of Chromebook users, though a ability to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook creates them a potentially some-more viable choice for businesses regulating Microsoft’s software.

That could be one reason because Microsoft isn’t creation a lot of sound about a Office Android apps now operative on Chromebooks. The other is Windows 10 S – a streamlined chronicle of Windows 10 a association is positioning as a Chrome OS competitor.

Microsoft hasn’t (yet) supposing a criticism on a news of a apps’ arrival. Google declined to comment.

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