Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2021

Microsoft launches Viva, a new take on a aged intranet

Microsoft currently launched Viva, a new “employee believe platform,” or, in non-marketing terms, a new take on a intranet sites many vast companies tend to offer their employees. This includes customary facilities like entrance to inner communications built on integrations with SharePoint, Yammer and other Microsoft tools. In addition, Viva also offers entrance to group analytics and an formation with LinkedIn Learning and other training calm providers (including a likes of SAP SuccessFactors), as good as what Microsoft calls Viva Topics for believe pity within a company.

If you’re like many employees, we know that your association spends a lot of income on inner communications and a concomitant intranet offerings — and we afterwards soon omit that in sequence to get tangible work done. But Microsoft argues that times are changing, as remote work is here to stay for many companies, even after a pestilence (hopefully) ends. Even if a tiny commission of a company’s workforce stays remote or opts for a hybrid approach, those workers still need to have entrance to a right collection and feel like they are partial of a company.

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“We have participated in a largest at-scale remote work examination a universe has seen and it has had a thespian impact on a worker experience,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pronounced in a pre-recorded video. “As a universe recovers, there is no going back. Flexibility in when, where and how we work will be key.”

He argues that each classification will need a one worker believe height that supports workers from their onboarding routine to collaborating with their colleagues and stability their preparation within a company. Yet as employees work remotely, companies are now struggling to keep their inner enlightenment and inspire village among employees. Viva aims to repair this.

Unsurprisingly, Viva is powered by Microsoft 365 and all of a collection that come with that, as good as integrations with Microsoft Teams, a company’s flagship partnership service, and even Yammer, a worker communication apparatus it acquired behind in 2012 and continues to support.

There are several collection to Viva: Viva Connections for accessing association news, policies, advantages and inner communities (powered by Yammer); Viva Learning for, we guessed it, accessing training resources; and Viva Topics, a service’s take on company-wide believe sharing. For a many part, that’s all customary satisfactory in any complicated intranet, either it’s from a startup provider or an determined actor like Jive.

Viva Insights feels like a peculiar one out here, generally after Microsoft’s kerfuffle around a Productivity Score. The thought here is to give managers insights into either their group (but not particular group members) are during risk of burnout, for example, in sequence to inspire them to spin off notifications or set daily priorities (a good manager, I’d hope, could do this though analytics, though here we are, in 2021). It’s also meant to assistance association leaders “address formidable hurdles and respond to change by shedding light on organizational work patterns and trends.” Sure.

Because this is Microsoft in 2021, there’s also a lot of speak about worker contentment in today’s announcement. For many employees, that means fewer meetings, some-more concentration time and branch off notifications after work. Obviously there are technical collection to assistance with that, though it’s unequivocally a doubt of association enlightenment and management. I’m not certain we need analytics integrated with LinkedIn’s Glint for that, though we can now have those, too.

“As a universe of work changes, a subsequent setting of creation will come from a concentration on creativity, rendezvous and contentment so organizations can build cultures of resilience and ingenuity,” pronounced Jared Spataro, corporate clamp president, Microsoft 365. “Our prophesy is to broach a height for a worker believe that helps organizations emanate a abounding enlightenment with intent employees and moving leaders.”

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