Published On: Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Microsoft Launches Third Technical Preview Of Windows Server 2016, Adds Built-In Container Support

Microsoft now published a third technical preview of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. As promised, this is also a initial chronicle of Windows Server to natively support Windows Server Containers — that is, Microsoft’s chronicle of Linux containers that can be managed both by Powershell and Docker’s command-line tools.

Microsoft is clearly wakeful that developers are seeking for enclosure support. As Microsoft ubiquitous manager for cloud height selling Mike Schutz told me, a association wants to assistance both IT professionals and developers who are now underneath some-more vigour than ever to fast move apps from a growth proviso to contrast and deployment. Thanks to a overall momentum that containers are now enjoying, developers wish to be means to use them, so Microsoft also has to give IT a collection to conduct them.

Schutz argues that a Windows Container production with feel “very informed for Docker developers when they use Powershell — and Powershell users will feel really gentle there, too.” To supplement a bit of confusion, though, containers combined with Powershell can’t be managed with Docker (and visa versa).


Docker and Microsoft are partnering to bring both Windows Server and Docker containers to Windows, and permitting developers to conduct them with a customary Docker tools. That’s apparently a vital win for Docker yet also for developers who have to muster their applications on Windows Server. Until Microsoft jumped on board, after all, Docker was especially a Linux technology.

It’s value noting, though, that we won’t be means to take a Linux enclosure and run it on Windows Server (or visa versa). As Microsoft’s Azure CTO Mark Russinovich remarkable in a blog post progressing this week, “Linux containers need Linux APIs from a horde heart and Windows Server Containers need a Windows APIs of a horde Windows kernel, so we can't run Linux containers on a Windows Server horde or a Windows Server Container on a Linux host.” What we can do, however, is use a same Docker customer to conduct both kinds of containers.

Microsoft is also operative on a second enclosure deployment option for Windows Server: Hyper-V Containers. These forms of containers will offer aloft siege between containers by using their possess duplicate of a Windows heart and carrying memory reserved directly to them.

In a way, that creates them rather some-more same to normal practical machines (which distinct containers, embody a duplicate of a handling system). Docker will be means to conduct both Hyper-V Containers and Windows Server Containers. Support for Hyper-V containers on Windows Server, however, won’t arrive until a subsequent preview.

To support these containers, Microsoft is also rising updated Docker production for Visual Studio today.

As Schutz noted, many of a enclosure technologies, as good as some of a software-defined networking technologies a association is rising with this preview, were built from a same technologies a association grown for a Azure platform.

Other new facilities in this Windows Server preview include some new facilities for a lightweight Nano Server option, including a new puncture government console for regulating networking configuration, as good as new confidence facilities to improved besiege practical machines from a horde handling system. You can find a full list of new facilities here.

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