Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

Microsoft launches Project Brainwave, the low training acceleration platform

Microsoft currently announced during a Build discussion a preview launch of Project Brainwave, a height for using low training models in a Azure cloud and on a corner in genuine time.

While some of Microsoft’s competitors, including Google, are betting on tradition chips, Microsoft continues to gamble on FPGAs to accelerate a models, and Brainwave is no exception. Microsoft argues that FPGAs give it some-more coherence than conceptualizing tradition chips and that a opening it achieves on customary Intel Stratix FPGAs is during slightest allied to that of tradition chips.

Last August, a association initial minute some aspects of Brainwave, that consists of 3 graphic layers: a high-performance distributed architecture; a hardware low neural networking engine that has been synthesized onto a FPGAs; and a compiler and runtime for deploying a pre-trained models.

Microsoft is attaching a FPGAs right to a altogether information core network, that allows them to turn something same to hardware microservices. The advantage here is high throughput and a vast latency rebate since this design allows Microsoft to bypass a CPU of a normal server to speak directly to a FPGAs. Indeed, Microsoft argues that Brainwave offers 5x reduction latency than Google’s TPUs.

When Microsoft initial announced BrainWave, a program smoke-stack upheld both a Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit and Google’s TensorFlow frameworks.

Brainwave is now in preview on Azure and Microsoft also promises to move support for it to Azure Stack and a Azure Data Box appliance.

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