Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

Microsoft launches new email selling and invoicing collection for tiny businesses

In a shade of a Inspire partner conference, Microsoft currently launched in preview 3 new collection for tiny businesses: Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings and Microsoft Invoicing. These join a company’s existent fast of tiny business collection like Microsoft Bookings and a Outlook Customer Manager.

Microsoft Connections allows a users to emanate Mailchimp-like email selling campaigns. The new service, that is accessible on a web, Android and iOS, will offer a common accoutrements of an email selling debate tool, including a ability to conduct subscribers, guard debate opening (open rates, clicks, new customers, redemptions, etc.) and, of course, emanate a tangible campaigns. While a sum about how accurately a use works sojourn sparse, Microsoft says it will offer users a series of pre-designed templates for their newsletters and “simple ways for people to join your mailing list or unsubscribe.” A association orator also told us that a new collection will be accessible during no additional cost.

The thought here is apparently to tie users deeper into a Office 365 ecosystem and give them an choice to a likes of MailChimp. Microsoft argues that removing started with email selling “can be overwhelming.” While a competitors will certainly disagree, there can’t be any doubt that those tiny businesses that already use Office 365 as their capability apartment of choice will conclude a further of this new tool.

Also new is Microsoft Invoicing, a new apparatus for — we guessed it — formulating invoices and estimates. From what we can see, it’s a flattering candid use and a standout underline for many businesses is expected that it can be integrated with PayPal so tiny businesses can simply accept credit label payments. There also is a QuickBooks connector that lets we bond your accounting module (and your accountant) with this new invoicing tool.

The third new apparatus is Microsoft Listings, that allows we to conduct your business listings on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp and guard online views and reviews. It apparently competes with a series of identical collection that do a same, though only like with a other new offerings, it’s a approach for Microsoft to keep a users inside a possess ecosystem.

The new applications are now accessible by Microsoft’s Office 365 First Release program.

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