Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2017

Microsoft launches a new AI startup module during Station F in Paris

Microsoft is rethinking a devise when it comes to startup acceleration in Paris. The association is going to concentration on synthetic intelligence. This will lead to a new module for AI startups during Station F.

Microsoft has had a startup accelerator in a Sentier area for a few years now. When Station F opens during a finish of June, a association is going to concentration exclusively on synthetic comprehension with a partnership with INRIA and pierce all to a startup campus.

“We consider that we’re initial going to name 5 or 6 startups that can encourage an ecosystem around INRIA and themselves,” Microsoft France Developer Experience personality Christophe Shaw told me. “The thought is that we’re eventually going to have a hundred startups in this club.”

And a initial startup fasten this module is This French startup has been building a use that helps we build, launch and conduct chatbots. The association also takes caring of hosting those bots. A few large French companies have been relying on for their bots.

“We’ve been propitious that Microsoft speckled us from a really commencement of Recast,” co-founder and CEO Patrick Joubert told me. “We’ve been regulating Microsoft Azure to horde a service.”

The group is looking brazen to operative subsequent to other AI people so that they can learn from any other. As partial of a program, they’ll also be means to speak with Microsoft experts and INRIA researchers. And a startup hopes that they’ll be means to find new clients by being surrounded with hundreds of companies during Station F.

“We don’t devise to deposit or acquire startups by this program,” Shaw said.

Microsoft also skeleton to assistance all a other companies during Station F with some developer perks. If you’re operative from Station F, you’ll automatically get giveaway credit on Microsoft Azure as partial of their devise to assistance startups.

“Eventually, we wish to horde one eventuality per day during Station F, from technical presentations to business workshops,” Shaw said. The association is going to have a little space to horde those events inside Station F. Everyone during Station F will be means to attend those events.

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