Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Microsoft Just Dropped An Update For Windows 10 But Isn’t Really Explaining What It is

“This refurbish includes non-security-related changes to raise a functionality of Windows 10 by new facilities and improvements.” — Someone during Microsoft.

Microsoft forsaken a stand of Windows 10 updates today, some of that we competence already have, some of that we competence not have. If we already have some of a updates, we will get a updates that we do not already have. (Here we go.)

So what is among a updates? Well, utterly a lot of stuff. we ran a few checks, and here are some goodies. From a list of altered things:

  • 45 updated things that were creatively updated on Aug 2.
  • 761 updated things that were creatively updated on Jun 18.
  • Lots of other things from other dates.

I reached out to Microsoft this morning for anything coming construction or superintendence about what a refurbish is, or what it fixes. So far, I’ve heard nothing back.

If we had to rope my offshoot toward a guess, I’d assume that this is merely a amassed refurbish bucket that has been dribbled out to users for some time. So if we were in a Insider module — how testers used Windows 10 for ages before it was expelled — afterwards we substantially won’t get most that is new. But if an OEM flashed an progressing ROM of Windows 10 onto a machines, Microsoft wants to safeguard that each corner that it can refinement is. Hence this.

Or not, since Microsoft doesn’t see fit to tell us.

The association is going to refurbish Windows 10 on a stability basis, though that doesn’t meant that it can’t yield a small context. Especially given how clever a examination cycle of Windows 10 has been, it’s roughly peculiar that a pure and open communication plan that got a handling complement out a doorway in organic figure could be vanishing this tighten to launch.

Anyway, we have some new code. Get it.

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