Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Microsoft joins a MariaDB Foundation and launches Azure Database for MariaDB

Microsoft now announced that it is fasten a MariaDB Foundation, a nonprofit behind a renouned relational database founded by a strange developers of MySQL. As a gold sponsor, a association is fasten, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.

In addition, Microsoft is also rising a preview of a Azure Database for MariaDB use today, that is fasten Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL in a Azure fast of managed database service.

As distant as users are concerned, MariaDB is radically a drop-in deputy for MySQL that isn’t related to Oracle, that — interjection to a merger of Sun, that acquired MySQL — is now a corporate home of a open-source database.

“On interest of a Board of Directors, a MariaDB Foundation welcomes Microsoft as a Platinum member,” MariaDB (and MySQL) owner Monty Widenius writes in today’s announcement. “I founded MariaDB to give behind to a open source village and safeguard a clever and open destiny for MySQL. I’ve seen firsthand how Microsoft has been changing a business in an open way, and how Microsoft Azure is open and flexible. Microsoft is a heading writer on GitHub and we demeanour brazen to engineers from Microsoft and a developer ecosystem ancillary MariaDB.”

Widenius always had a really useful perspective of open source. A few years ago, he left SkySQL, that is now a MariaDB Corp. (which commercializes a database) to start a MariaDB Foundation, though afterwards came behind to MariaDB Corp. as a CTO.

As for Microsoft, it’s value observant that a association is really embracing open source during this point. It’s now a unite of a Linux Foundation and some of that group’s projects, as good as a Open Source Initiative, a Cloud Foundry Foundation and others.

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