Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

Microsoft is murdering Xbox One’s Snap mode


I always really, unequivocally favourite a idea of “Snap Mode” on Xbox One. It’d let we run a diversion on 75% of a screen, all while using another app on a straight splinter of a screen. Playing Titanfall and examination Always Sunny? Yes please.

Alas, a feature’s genuine universe execution kinda sucked. It was delayed and kludgy to a indicate that third celebration apps like Netflix ditched it undisguised months after launch, withdrawal people who’d gotten used to it (like me!) wondering what a heck happened.

Now Microsoft is nixing Snap Mode undisguised — though will it get a replacement?

Word of a change comes from Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, who tweeted that Snap mode would be going divided as partial of their efforts to speed adult a Xbox One interface:

Note, however, that he says “replaced”, not “removed”. That’s heading people to consider that Microsoft substantially has an choice in a works — and hopefully one that actually, we know, works. (Dear Microsoft: Just give us picture-in-picture mode for video. No one wants a other stuff.)

[via neowin]

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