Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Microsoft Is Focused on Games That Bring People Together, Including Single Player Titles

Speaking with GamesIndustry, Shannon Loftis (General Manager of Microsoft Studios Publishing) certified that Microsoft is now targeting a rather specific form of diversion with their studios: titles able of entertainment communities.

Right now we are really focused on games that move people together, who form communities and find ways to self-express.

Looking during Microsoft’s arriving lineup, that’s immediately apparent with titles like Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Does that meant Microsoft is giving adult on singular actor games, though? Loftis doesn’t consider so, quite given these days even singular actor titles can be amicable in a way.

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No. There is a fun YouTube hunt that we like to do: ‘Reactions to people examination a Ori and a Will of The Wisps trailer’. It is a blast examination their reactions and saying them crying, good crying, over a game. Even a ability to share a greeting to a story, or to share how something done we feel in that moment, that is a viable amicable mechanic. There will always be a need to tell these stories, like Ori or like Zelda. Zelda is an impossibly amicable game, and only since we are personification it by yourself, doesn’t meant that a whole universe isn’t pity your experience.

The fact that we have a ability to share screens, share commentary, and groups, and clubs on Xbox Live… those are ways to move people together around a diversion that is some-more story orientated.

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Games that build community… these are games that people come behind to again and again. And they come behind as most for a amicable knowledge as they do a gameplay. we indeed consider that is for a larger good of society. Things that move people closer together as opposite to pushing them apart. There are a lot of things pushing people detached right now, and I’m unapproachable to be partial of an attention that does a opposite.

Indeed, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer formerly explained that Microsoft intends to try and assistance singular actor games opposite a assault of GaaS (games as a service) with initiatives such as Game Pass. Does that meant one of a unannounced AAA exclusives will be focused on singular player? Stay tuned and we’ll let we know.

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