Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd, 2020

Microsoft introduces Customer Voice, a real-time patron feedback tool

At Microsoft Inspire today, a association finished several Dynamics 365 announcements, including Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, a real-time patron feedback apparatus that could contest with Qualtrics, a association SAP bought in 2018 for a cold $8 billion.

Microsoft General Manager Brenda Bown says that as some-more business pierce online during a pandemic, it’s some-more critical than ever to constraint real-time patron feedback that we can mix with other information to build a some-more finish design of a patron that could lead to some-more successful interactions in a future.

“Customer Voice is a feedback government solution, and it’s designed to commission businesses and organizations to build improved products, broach improved practice to customers, and unequivocally build a relations for a business with that feedback government tool,” Bown told TechCrunch.

The information gets common with Microsoft’s patron information height (CDP), and is built on tip of Dynamics 365 and a Power Platform. The latter provides a approach to customize a Customer Voice apparatus to accommodate a needs of an particular company.

Brent Leary, partner and co-founder during CRM Essentials, says this solves a problem of removing feedback as a communication is happening. He adds that being means to share that information directly with a CDP creates it even some-more valuable.

“Customer feedback has to be finished as tighten to a interaction/transaction as probable and as frictionless as probable for it to unequivocally work, or else business won’t give it to you. And afterwards a information has to be integrated into a CDP with all a other information automatically to unequivocally be of use. And carrying a height to hoop both a feedback constraint and a information formation optimizes a odds of this happening,” Leary said.

The association also announced Dynamics 365 Connected Store, a set of collection designed to assistance stores conduct in-store and curbside traffic, among other things. As a pestilence boundary a series of people in a store during one time, regulating sensors and cameras, Connected Store can assistance managers know and conduct a series of people inside a store during any given time to assistance assist in amicable distancing.

It can also assistance supplement a turn of automation to curbside pickup, vouchsafing an worker know when a patron has pulled up. “It alerts a worker and they can move out a sequence for a some-more seamless and discerning pickup. And apparently this unfolding is super critical currently since of [more people wanting] contactless collect up,” Bown said.

Finally, a association announced a rascal insurance component. She says that Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection helps strengthen businesses online or in earthy stores from fake activities, that she says is even some-more critical as some-more exchange are conducted digitally. New capabilities embody comment insurance and detriment impediment tooling.

Inspire is a company’s annual partner conference, that is being hold probably this year. Bown says by using it virtually, a association can engage even some-more partners than a standard in-person discussion since companies that couldn’t formerly attend since of cost and distance, are means to attend this year.

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