Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

Microsoft Has a Solution for Its Customers Who Crave a USB-C Port on a Surface Pro: A New Dongle

To summation on a inputs of a newly announced Surface Pro, a 2-in-1 facilities no Type-C USB ports, that will make intensity business mad on a company’s decision. However, Microsoft has a workaround for this; a Type-C USB dongle for when they wish to ascent to a Kaby Lake-powered machine.

Microsoft’s Executive Reveals That Future Products Will Have a USB-C Port When Customers Are Ready for a Adoption – A Dongle Featuring This Input Is Being Made for a Surface Pro

Apparently, Microsoft and a executive, Panos Panay is underneath a sense that a business are not prepared for a Type-C USB input. Where it is being adopted in scarcely each smartphone, notebook, and tablet, a program hulk continues to go about a business releasing a Surface Pro that does not underline what is positively a destiny of inputs and interfaces.

After Panay was interviewed by The Verge, he suggested that business who adore a Surface product lineup will get a new submit when they are indeed prepared for it. We’re not certain because he pronounced this, though we privately trust that it was high time that Microsoft incited things around concerning what arrange of inputs are going to be benefaction in destiny devices.

“I adore a record in Type-C, we trust in Type-C. When Type-C is prepared for a customers, to make it easy for them, we’ll be there. If we adore Type-C, it means we adore dongles. We’re giving a dongle to people who adore dongles. If we wish to assign a device with a Type-C charger, we can. If we wish to put information behind and onward with a Type-C peripheral, we can.”

So far, a Type-C USB dongle looks to be a usually resolution for users who wish to knowledge a interface on a Surface Pro. Our theory is that a association is not going to be too inexhaustible and will assign a reward for this accessory, only like it is doing with a Surface Pen and Type Cover.

Do we guys consider that production a USB-C-based dongle will be adequate to inspire business to make a Surface Pro purchase? Tell us in a comments right away.

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