Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Microsoft Expands Its Parental Leave, Bolsters Paid Time Off And 401k Matching

On a heels of Netflix’s establishment of ‘unlimited’ paid maternity and paternity leave for a employees, Microsoft this morning announced that it is bolstering its possess parental leave policies for both mothers and fathers that work during a firm.

Previously, Microsoft offering 8 weeks of paid maternity leave, along with 12 weeks of ‘parental leave,’ of that 8 were paid, and 4 were not. The association is creation all 12 weeks of leave now paid, starting in November, definition that new mothers can take a full 20 weeks off, all paid.

New dads get a entirely paid 12 weeks, though not a 8 weeks indifferent for a mom who indeed gave birth.

The association will also concede trusting mothers that are scarcely due to take adult to dual weeks off to, in a difference of a company, “manage a earthy impact that mostly comes with late pregnancy and to ready for a arriving birth.”

Parents can also use their 12 weeks of ‘parental leave’ in chunks, or all during once. That competence concede parents to substitute when they are away off, assisting to well-spoken scheduling issues for families with new tots.

Microsoft also combined dual new paid holidays to a calendar, and dramatically increasing a 401k relating module to 100 percent adult to a sovereign limit. (Verizon, please.)

The improvements to parental leave are to be applauded. Certainly, Microsoft can means a changes, though a non-monetary impact is what matters — a program association is assisting families conduct a pivotal partial in their child-bearing cycle, and is assisting women who competence have felt pressured into withdrawal their careers over their new child to stay in a workforce.

Microsoft is a tech company, and changes like a above assistance tech keep some-more different talent. That’s a good thing. More of this arrange of thing, please.

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