Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

Microsoft drops a cost of the customary support for Azure to $100 per month

If we are a Microsoft Azure patron and wish to get 24/7 entrance to technical and billing support for your company, as good as a response time of reduction than an hour for your vicious issues, yet we don’t wish to compensate $300 per month for this, currently is your propitious day. Microsoft currently announced that it’s dropping a cost of Azure Standard Support from $300 per month to $100 per month and that it’s cutting a betrothed response time for vicious cases from dual to one hour.

Government customers, too, will see a cost dump from $375 per month to $125 per month, as good as a guarantee of one-hour response times. If we are in Germany, though, we are out of fitness as a changes do not request to you.

Given that probably all vast cloud providers offer a same set of core services (and mostly during allied prices), it’s maybe no warn that we are now saying some foe around service.

AWS’s Business devise starts during $100 per month and also promises a one-hour response time for when prolongation systems go down, yet that’s usually that starting price. What we indeed compensate is a commission of your monthly AWS use fees on a slip scale that depends on your monthly AWS bill.

Google currently only offers basic support during $150 per month with a guarantee of a four-hour response time for business vicious issues.

Unlike AWS and Microsoft, Google does not offer a cheaper and significantly some-more singular “developer” devise for $29 per month.

UpdateWe initially misread a AWS pricing draft and have updated a post to simulate that.

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