Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

Microsoft commits $25M to the AI for Accessibility program

If you’ve review Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s new book, we know that creation record some-more permitted to people with disabilities is personal for him. Over a march of a final few years, vast collection of a association have dedicated themselves to building collection that capacitate people with disabilities and mental health conditions to do more. Today, a association announced that it is putting some-more income behind these efforts by a $25 million, five-year AI for Accessibility project.

“Around a world, usually one in 10 people with disabilities has entrance to assistive technologies and products,” Microsoft boss Brad Smith writes in today’s announcement. “By creation AI solutions some-more widely available, we trust record can have a extended impact on this critical community.”

Like a company’s AI for Earth project, that launched final year, AI for Accessibility aims to yield seed grants to developers, universities, inventors and NGOs. The concentration of their projects needs to be on “creating solutions that will emanate new opportunities and support people with disabilities with work, life, and tellurian connections.” Then, a association will take a projects that uncover a many guarantee and bond their teams with a possess experts to assistance them scale.

In further to all of this, Microsoft also pledges to move thorough pattern to a products.

“Disabilities can be permanent, proxy or situational. By innovating for people with disabilities, we are innovating for us all,” Smith writes. “By ensuring that record fulfills a guarantee to residence a broadest governmental needs, we can commission everybody – not only people with disabilities – to grasp more.”

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