Published On: Wed, Mar 3rd, 2021

Microsoft brings tighter formation to Dynamics 365 and Teams

As a pestilence drags on and we learn about a mandate of operative from home with distributed teams, users could be longing some-more formation opposite their collection to assistance revoke a clicks compulsory to finish a set of tasks. Today during a Ignite Conference, Microsoft announced tighter formation between a business apartment Dynamics 365 and a partnership apparatus Teams to assistance with that issue.

Alysa Taylor, corporate VP for business applications and tellurian attention during Microsoft, forked out that one of a advantages of this local formation proceed is that it helps revoke context switching opposite opposite applications. “We are committed to unequivocally bringing together a partnership height and a business routine covering to capacitate salespeople, use representatives, operations managers [and other identical roles] to unequivocally have a one height in that they both combine and have their bland business functions,” Taylor explained.

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This could perceptible itself in a series of opposite ways opposite marketing, sales and service. For instance, a marketer can emanate a webinar, that they set adult and lane in Dynamics 365 Marketing collection and run in Teams as a streaming eventuality with a Teams streaming setup integrated directly into a Dynamics 365 console.

In a sales instance Taylor says, “We’re enabling sellers to be means to lane a career movements of their contacts regulating a LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as good as bond really specific sales annals within Microsoft Teams but ever carrying to leave Dynamics 365 Sales. So we can be in a Sales focus and we have a ability to deeply know a hit and any hit changes that start in Teams, and that’s automatically updated in Sales.”

If your association is not an all-Microsoft emporium and wants to use opposite collection as partial of these workflows, Taylor says that we can use Microsoft cross-cloud connectors to bond to another service, and this is loyal regardless of a tasks concerned (so prolonged as a connector to a preferred focus is available).

Salesforce, a primary opposition of Microsoft in a business program space, spent over $27 billion to buy Slack during a finish of final year to move this kind of formation to a platform. Taylor sees a merger as a greeting to a formation Microsoft already has and continues to build.

“I consider that Salesforce had to acquire Slack to be means to have that partnership [we have], so we are years forward of what they’re going to be means to yield given they will not have these local integrations. So we indeed see a Salesforce merger as a response to what we’re doing with Dynamics 365 and Teams,” Taylor told me.

It’s value indicating out that Salesforce is distant forward of Microsoft when it comes marketplace share in a CRM space with over 19% contra underneath 3% for Microsoft, according to Gartner numbers from 2019. While it’s probable these numbers have shifted some given then, substantially not significantly.

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