Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Microsoft brings some-more of the Azure services to any Kubernetes cluster

At a Build developer discussion today, Microsoft announced a new set of Azure services (in preview) that businesses can now run on probably any CNCF-conformant Kubernetes cluster with a assistance of a Azure Arc multi-cloud service.

Azure Arc, identical to collection like Google’s Anthos or AWS’s arriving EKS Anywhere, provides businesses with a singular apparatus to conduct their enclosure clusters opposite clouds and on-premises information centers. Since a launch behind in late 2019, Arc enabled some of a core Azure services to run directly in these clusters as well, yet a early concentration was on a tiny set of information services, with a group also after adding some appurtenance training collection to Arc as well. With today’s update, a association is severely expanding this set of containerized Azure services that work with Arc.

These new services embody Azure App Service for building and handling web apps and APIs, Azure Functions for event-driven programming, Azure Logic Apps for building programmed workflows, Azure Event Grid for eventuality routing and Azure API Management for… we guessed it… handling inner and outmost APIs.

“The app services are now Azure Arc-enabled, that means business can muster Web Apps, Functions, API gateways, Logic Apps and Event Grid services on pre-provisioned Kubernetes clusters,” Microsoft explained in a annual “Book of News” for this year’s Build. “This takes advantage of facilities including deployment slots for A/B testing, storage reserve triggers and out-of-box connectors from a app services, regardless of run location. With these unstable warden services, business can save time building apps, afterwards conduct them consistently opposite hybrid and multicloud environments regulating Azure Arc.”


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