Published On: Wed, Mar 3rd, 2021

Microsoft Azure expands the NoSQL portfolio with Managed Instances for Apache Cassandra

At a Ignite discussion today, Microsoft announced a launch of Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra, a latest NoSQL database charity and a aspirant to Cassandra-centric companies like Datastax. Microsoft describes a new use as a ‘semi-managed charity that will assistance companies pierce some-more of their Cassandra-based workloads into a cloud.

“Customers can simply take on-prem Cassandra workloads and supplement vast cloud scale while progressing full harmony with a latest chronicle of Apache Cassandra,” Microsoft explains in a press materials. “Their deployments benefit softened opening and availability, while benefiting from Azure’s confidence and correspondence capabilities.”

Like a counterpart, Azure SQL Manages Instance, a thought here is to give users entrance to a scalable, cloud-based database service. To use Cassandra in Azure before, businesses had to possibly pierce to Cosmos DB, a rarely scalable database use that supports a Cassandra, MongoDB, SQL and Gremlin APIs, or conduct their possess swift of practical machines or on-premises infrastructure.

Cassandra was creatively grown during Facebook and afterwards open-sourced in 2008. A year later, it assimilated a Apache Foundation and currently it’s used widely opposite a industry, with companies like Apple and Netflix betting on it for some of their core services, for example. AWS launched a managed Cassandra-compatible use during a re:Invent discussion in 2019 (it’s called Amazon Keyspaces today), Microsoft usually launched a Cassandra API for Cosmos DB final November. With today’s announcement, though, a association can now offer a full operation of Cassandra-based servicer for enterprises that wish to pierce these workloads to a cloud.

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