Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019

Microsoft Asked The Studio Behind Cuphead To Bring The Game To Switch

I mentioned this on Push Square already yet aside from Xbox, Microsoft has always been some-more of a program company, rather than a hardware company. They’ve done their happening pulling products that see on a outrageous operation of devices. Windows and Microsoft Office are as customary as it gets. So we see these new moves as Microsoft relocating behind in that direction, perplexing to get their calm onto some-more devices. While they expected cannot desert a Xbox line, we think it will turn most some-more of a delegate bulletin for them as they try to pull their games out on PC, tablets and presumably even Switch.

I could totally see a destiny of Microsoft where they desert Xbox exclusives altogether, and instead only recover their calm initial on local platforms, and afterwards maybe a year or 2 after make it accessible on others.

Let’s go with my personal wish – Halo 1-3 and Reach entrance to Switch – doubtful yet that competence be, Microsoft would still possess a IP, would still distinction off of their sales, and could sell to an assembly that many members of that haven’t played those games. And this would expostulate players to potentially buy their newer releases on Microsoft’s local platforms, or have to wait several years before they recover elsewhere.

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