Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

Microsoft announces open preview of Microsoft Teams for Linux

Today, Microsoft announced a open preview of Microsoft Teams for Linux, a initial Office 365 apparatus that’s accessible for a open-source handling system.

The wish is that by creation it accessible for preview, a association can get feedback from a village and urge it before it becomes generally available. “Starting today, Microsoft Teams is accessible for Linux users in open preview, enabling high peculiarity partnership practice for a open source village during work and in educational institutions,” a association wrote in a blog post announcing a release.

The idea here eventually is to assistance get Teams into a hands of some-more business by expanding a platforms it runs on. “Most of a business have inclination using on a accumulation of opposite platforms such as Windows 10, Linux and others. We are committed to ancillary churned environments opposite a cloud and capability offerings, and with this announcement, we are gratified to extend a Teams knowledge to Linux users,” a association wrote in a blog post.

This proclamation is poignant for a integrate of reasons. For starters, Microsoft has had a difficult story with Linux and open source, nonetheless in new years, underneath Satya Nadella, it has embraced open source. This shows that Microsoft is peaceful to put a collection wherever business need them, regardless of a height or handling system.

Secondly, as it outlines a initial Office 365 app on Linux, if there is certain feedback, it could open a doorway for some-more apps on a height down a road.

The proclamation also comes opposite a backdrop of a company’s ongoing battles with Slack for craving partnership height users. In July, Microsoft announced 13 million daily active users on Teams. Meanwhile, Slack has 12 million DAUs. It’s value observant that Slack has been accessible on Linux for roughly dual years.

Slack comes to Linux as a snap

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