Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2020

Microsoft announces Project Reunion to make Windows app growth easier again

Microsoft now announced a vital new commencement that will finally assuage some of a determined difficulty around Windows app development. Project Reunion, as it is called, is meant to harmonize a Windows developer platform, that is now damaged adult between Win32, that was prolonged a customary approach of building Windows app, and a Universal Windows Platform (UWP), that Microsoft started betting on during a luckless Windows 8 epoch (you might remember UWP underneath a “Metro-style apps” monicker).

This is a pierce a association signaled during a 2019 developer discussion when Microsoft developer height arch Kevin Gallo already talked about how developers had to Microsoft that they would like it to “decouple many collection of a Universal Windows Platform so that we can adopt them incrementally.” And that’s flattering many what a association is now doing with Project Reunion.

The thought here is to harmonize entrance to a existent Win32 and UWP APIs and decouple them from a handling system, regulating collection like a .NET package manager NuGet.

“This will yield a common height for new apps,” Gallo writes in today’s proclamation for Project Reunion. “Plus, it will assistance we refurbish and update your existent apps with a latest functionality, either they’re C++, .NET (including WPF, Windows Forms and UWP) or React Native.”

For now, Project Reunion consists of dual components that you’ll be means to get your hands on soon. The initial is WinUI 3 Preview 1, a latest preview chronicle of Microsoft’s user interface horizon for Windows.  “WithWinUI apps can have complicated UI that adapts and beam opposite devices, regardless of either building a new plan or modernizing an existent app (including C++, WPF, and Windows Forms) incrementally,” explains Gallo.

The second is a new preview of WebView2, that now creates it easy to hide a Chromium-based WebView into Windows Forms, WPF, and UWP/ WinUI 3 apps. WebView 2 is decoupled from a handling complement and “will move a energy of a Web to a full spectrum of Windows apps.”

It looks like Microsoft will do many of a work on Project Reunion out in a open by regulating a GitHub repo to share some-more about a plan and to rivet with a developer community.

Microsoft’s plan around Windows app growth has remained a bit pell-mell over a final few years.

With UWP, Microsoft also hoped to obey a app store indication that had worked so good on mobile platforms. At a commencement of a Store, apps had to be created with UWP, though if you’re anything like me, we never worried with a Microsoft Store since solely for a few marquee apps and maybe a few games, there wasn’t unequivocally any reason to use it (and a lot of apps in it were of controversial quality), so final year, Microsoft already loose a mandate and authorised Win32 apps. If anything, today’s proclamation is Microsoft’s approach of salvaging some of a work on UWP and to move some of a ideas from that horizon to a broader Windows developer platform.

As partial of today’s announcements around Windows, Gallo also remarkable that Windows Terminal 1.0, that allows developers to fast run any executables — no matter either it’s from a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) distro or a Azure Cloud Shell — is now accessible for craving use.

Talking about a Windows Subsystem for Linux, Microsoft also now announced support for GPU discriminate workflows for Linux collection and support for Linux graphical user interface apps, so we can run a Linux GUI app directly on your Windows Machine but a need for a third-party X server, that was a box until now. Soon, WSL will also underline a simplified implement knowledge that will let we use a ‘wsl.exe – install’ authority to implement Linux apps on Windows.

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