Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Microsoft and SAS announce low record partnership

Microsoft and SAS, a secretly hold craving information government and analytics association (and not a airline), currently announced a inclusive partnership that will see Microsoft’s Azure spin SAS’s elite cloud, and low integrations of SAS’s several products into Microsoft’s cloud portfolio, trimming from Azure to Dynamics 365 and PowerBI. The dual companies also devise to launch new corner solutions for their customers.

While we competence not indispensably be informed with 44-year-old SAS, a North Carolina-based association depends some-more than 90 of a tip 100 Fortune 1000 companies among a customers. Marquee business embody a likes of Allianz, Discover, Honda, HSBC, Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa and Nestlé. While it provides collection and services for companies opposite a far-reaching operation of verticals, they all concentration on assisting these companies improved conduct their information and spin it into actionable analytics. Like identical data-centric companies, these days, that includes a lot of work on appurtenance learning, too.

SAS COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger

“It is a record partnership,” SAS COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger told me brazen of today’s announcement. “Our business are increasingly relocating to a cloud. we have something that we call a ‘principles of analytics.’ The initial element is: analytics follows a information — and increasingly, information is relocating to a cloud. We have a possess cloud operation during SAS. We have finished craving hosting for over 20 years and have a lot of knowledge in that. So one of a vital questions that we asked myself is how do we mix what we adore so many about a possess cloud and managed services and operative directly with a patron with a scale, a lively and a strech of a open cloud?”

The answer to that for SAS was a partnership with Microsoft. Both companies, Schabenberger said, are looking during how to democratize entrance to technologies like appurtenance training and analytics, he noted, yet are also perplexing to build information cognisance collection and other services that make it easier for anybody within a association to work with a increasingly vast information sets that many enterprises now gather.

“The technologies of SAS and Microsoft to me go palm in hand,” pronounced Schabenberger. “They unequivocally element any other. What Microsoft’s doing with Dynamics, with Power Platform, we can prognosticate a new category of business applications — all low-code, no-code — where information and analytics expostulate proof and expostulate decisioning. And so for us, what’s unequivocally interesting, fascinating and innovative about this attribute is that this is not about bringing a use to Azure, or an formation into Synapse. It is unequivocally looking during a whole Microsoft Cloud estate, if we will, from Azure to integrating with AD, with AKS, with [Azure] Database for PostgreSQL. These are apparent things, yet afterwards looking during Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, how can we be partial of this ecosystem? we consider that’s a unequivocally absolute integration.”

It’s critical to note that this is not an disdainful agreement and Schabenberger stressed that SAS will continue to offer support for business who select a opposite open cloud provider.

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft executive VP of a Cloud and AI group, echoed this. “We couldn’t be some-more vehement on a Microsoft side for this partnership. If we demeanour during flattering many any business out there, they’re regulating SAS for analytics and they’re regulating Microsoft program as well. And a thing that Oliver called out and what we unequivocally demeanour for in vital partnerships like this is, where can we assistance a mutual business do some-more and grasp more? And we consider both from a record fixing viewpoint and afterwards also from a goal matter and enlightenment perspective, that’s where we’re so aligned.”

Both Guthrie and Schabenberger stressed how low a integrations here are. As an example, Guthrie remarkable that users will be means to take SAS models and hide them into SQL Server statements — and there will be identical integrations for Microsoft products into SAS’s tools, too. Guthrie also remarkable that a dual companies will go to marketplace together in a low way, too, leveraging a existent sales army of both companies. “So it’s a small opposite from what we competence do with a startup, that tends to not have a large sales force. But as partial of this partnership, you’ll unequivocally see a go-to-market low fixing and Microsoft sellers will be heavily incented to foster and pull a SAS formation and likewise, SAS is going to be rarely incented to expostulate this formation from their viewpoint as well.”

One engaging aspect here is that both companies offer competing products, be that around information government and analytics, as good as information visualization. Guthrie and Schabenberger were utterly open about this, though. “I’m ideally gentle with that,” pronounced Schabenberger. “I’ve famous for a prolonged time that a business have choices and they practice those choices. And if we move a right record to bear and offer it to them, afterwards I’m unapproachable of a record we built. We’re not a best during all and we am unequivocally looking brazen indeed to focusing on a core competency, where we’re strongest — and I’m happy to have business make other choices. […] We have an existent patron bottom that wants to make use of their existent investment in SAS technology, yet also wants to modernize, wants to be partial of a cloud ecosystem, wants to work with lively and speed — and we can mix all that.”

“We’ve been around prolonged adequate and we’re large adequate and we have adequate business to also realize, what unequivocally matters is creation your business successful,” remarkable Guthrie. “And a interrelated capabilities that we’re bringing together by partnering is so absolute that, yes, there competence be some overlie in a few places, yet for a many part, this is such a absolute accelerant for a business and we’re going to both advantage from that.”

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