Published On: Sat, Jun 3rd, 2017

Micron To Begin Mass Production of GDDR6 Memory in Early 2018 – GDDR5X Achieves 16 Gbps Speeds

Micron has reliable that they devise to embark mass prolongation of a GDDR6 memory chips in early 2018. The latest memory products will broach increasing speeds for faster graphics DRAM performance.

Micron Announces GDDR6 Mass Production in Early 2018 – Achieves 16 Gbps Speeds on G5X

Micron’s proclamation for GDDR6 doesn’t comes as a warn as GPU makers are readying to support even faster memory standards. NVIDIA is already on house with Micron and uses their high-performance GDDR5X chips on fan category cards. The mass prolongation of GDDR6 in early 2018 confirms that we will be looking during destiny GPU architectures embracing a memory standard.

As for GDDR6, Micron has settled that a new memory customary will continue down a trail of a successful G5X memory. While a new memory record would be really identical to GDDR5X, there are a few differences of that a vital ones include:

  1. The introduction of an FBGA180 round package with increasing pitch
  2. A twin channel architecture

With regards to a standing of Micron’s G6 program, that we initial announced in February, we am gratified to news that a product growth efforts are on-track and we settlement to have organic silicon really soon. By leveraging a G5X formed high speed signaling trust from roughly 2 years of design, mass production, exam and focus knowledge, we am assured we are good positioned to move a industry’s many strong G6 to mass prolongation by early 2018. around Micron

Micron announced their GDDR6 program, that was initial announced in Feb 2016, would be underneath full mass prolongation in early 2018. SK Hynix also announced that they devise to embark GDDR6 mass prolongation in early 2018 so overall, there seems to be a good denote that supply would be good as several vendors will be charity a new memory chips for graphics estimate units.

Micron GDDR6 Memory Specifications – 16Gb Dies With Up To 16 Gbps Transfer Rates

So entrance to a specifications, GDDR6 will come in 8Gb and 16Gb densities while a customary followed by JEDEC allows for adult to 32Gb dies. The 8Gb DRAM dies will concede for adult to 8 GB VRAM on a 256-bit far-reaching label and 12 GB VRAM along a 384-bit far-reaching card. The 16Gb dies will radically double a VRAM given any chip will underline 2 GB VRAM. A 384-bit train label could underline adult to 24 GB while dies with 32Gb firmness will broach 48 GB VRAM along a same interface.

Looking during a speeds, we are saying an implausible burst from 12 Gbps (GDDR5X) to 16 Gbps (GDDR6). The NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Xp packs a many bandwidth on any consumer GPU to date with a sum volume of 547.7 GB/s regulating 11.4 Gbps GDDR5X chips. The initial era GDDR5X chips were ran during 10 Gbps on a GTX 1080 that was recently upgraded to even faster 11 Gbps G5X chips.

Coming to GDDR5X, Micron is now charity a fastest GDDR formed memory chips for graphics cards in a industry. Their GDDR5X memory are accessible during speeds of adult to 12 Gbps. That’s faster than a 10 Gbps chips they introduced on a GTX 1080 a year earlier. But they aren’t interlude during it as strictly confirmed, a Micron group during Munich has achieved 16Gbps information rates in their high speed exam environment.

I am vehement to announce that a Graphics settlement group in Munich has achieved 16Gbps information rates in a high speed exam environment—another initial for memory industry. The left design shows a information eye opening during 16Gbps formed on a vicious PRBS settlement sequence, with good timing and voltage margin. The right picture next shows fast information timing domain (horizontally) contra information rate (vertically), from a bottom arrange speed of 10Gbps adult to an rare 16Gbps. This outcome is formed on measurements on a suggestive sampling distance of a mass prolongation G5X silicon – not fanciful make-believe data.

We strongly trust that a imagination and trust using ultra-high information rates on G5X is going to be a large advantage for pushing opening in GDDR6. around Micron

Micron has really achieved an considerable attainment in a industry. The latest GDDR5X memory is only an instance of a kinds of advantages we are going to see from destiny technologies like GDDR6 that launches early 2018 in products such as NVIDIA’s GeForce category graphics cards formed on a Volta architecture.

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