Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Messenger adds Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments in a US

This spring, Facebook reliable it was contrast Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments inside a app in a U.S. Today, a association announced those codes are now rising publicly to all U.S. users, permitting anyone to send or ask income by Facebook Pay — even if they’re not Facebook friends.

The QR codes work likewise to those found in other remuneration apps, like Venmo.

The underline can be found underneath a “Facebook Pay” territory in Messenger’s settings, accessed by drumming on your form idol during a tip left of a screen. Here, you’ll be presented with your personalized QR formula that looks most like a unchanging QR formula solely that it facilities your form idol in a middle.

Underneath, you’ll be shown your personal Facebook Pay UR that is in a format of “” This can also be copied and sent to other users when you’re requesting a payment.

Facebook records that a codes will work between any U.S. Messenger users, and won’t need a apart remuneration app or any arrange of hit entrance or upload routine to get started.

Facebook confirms ‘test’ of Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments in US

Users who wish to be means to send and accept income in Messenger have to be during slightest 18 years old, and will have to have a Visa or Mastercard withdraw card, a PayPal account or one of the supported prepaid cards or government-issued cards, in sequence to use a payments feature. They’ll also need to set their elite banking to U.S. dollars in a app.

After setup is complete, we can select that remuneration process we wish as your default and optionally strengthen payments behind a PIN formula of your choosing.

The QR formula is also accessible from a Facebook Pay territory of a categorical Facebook app, in a carousel during a tip of a screen.

Facebook Pay initial launched in Nov 2019, as a approach to settle a remuneration complement that extends opposite a company’s apps for not only person-to-person payments, though also other features, like donations, Stars and e-commerce, among other things. Though a QR codes take cues from Venmo and others, a use as it stands currently is not indispensably a opposition to remuneration apps since Facebook partners with PayPal as one of a upheld remuneration methods.

However, nonetheless a payments knowledge is apart from Facebook’s cryptocurrency wallet, Novi, that’s something that could maybe change in a future.

Image Credits: Facebook

The underline was introduced alongside a few other Messenger updates, including a new Quick Reply bar that creates it easier to respond to a print or video but carrying to lapse to a categorical discuss thread. Facebook also combined new discuss themes including one for Olivia Rodrigo fans, another for World Oceans Day, and one that promotes a new F9 movie.

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