Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Messaging And The Apple Watch

Although a Apple Watch boasts a ability to now forewarn users with vicious updates — violation news stories, changes to their bank comment or a feat of a aptness goal — a 42mm shade can be a vital imprisonment for developers and designers.

This is generally loyal for messaging applications, that contingency figure out how to emanate an essentials-only pattern that enables two-way communication though a oppulance of a keyboard. When conceptualizing a messaging focus for a Apple Watch there are several pivotal considerations that contingency be kept in mind to safeguard developers are formulating something people will indeed use.

Is a Apple Watch Worthy?

Jonathan Ive’s group grown a Apple Watch to assistance solve a problem they themselves created: smartphone addiction. Between a consistent liquid of notifications and a 24/7 connectivity to work, we are prisoners of a possess devices.

Reluctantly, I’ll acknowledge that I’m guilty of this in my personal life. As we play with my kids on a Saturday afternoon in a park, we can’t assistance though discreetly hide a demeanour during my phone each few minutes. We customarily can't giveaway ourselves from a suspicion of blank something important.

While critics explain otherwise, a Apple Watch indeed frees us from a consistent oblique phone-checking habit. By filtering a many vicious alerts and providing evident notifications that can be engrossed with a glance, a Apple Watch causes users to collect adult their phone reduction frequently and customarily for matters that engage a response.

Given a inlet and purpose of a Apple Watch, a initial doubt companies should ask is either or not their business app communication is estimable of evident interruption. For craving messaging, a answer is a resounding Yes. The present inlet of messaging lends itself naturally for a new communication middle like a Apple Watch.

Starting From Scratch

Just like each app does not go on a Apple Watch, each iPhone interface will not transfer to a face of a wristwatch. Over-simplification is important. You might consider your iPhone app is neat and simple, though all changes when we drastically revoke a shade size.

Simplifying isn’t customarily about design; it’s about shortening a array of accessible facilities on a app. Many of a browsing or text-heavy portions of a smartphone height are no longer germane on a watch form factor, requiring developers to establish that facilities are used a many and eliminate a rest.

Color palettes on a Apple Watch also matter. Despite a arrogance that a tone palette would be a easiest partial of a Apple Watch transition, it customarily can't be replicated from a smartphone. The Apple Watch’s black credentials and tiny shade distance totally change a game, definition that a de-saturated colors mostly used in normal branding seem pale and are formidable to read, that army designers to switch over to bright, high-contrast colors.

The Need For Context-Intelligent Responses

First and foremost, a Apple Watch is a presentation platform. Punching out a extensive summary isn’t possibly though a keyboard, so messaging apps face a singular plea not met by notification-based platforms. As we worked to solve this problem, we kept entrance behind to one executive theme: speed.

Apple Watch users should be means to peek down during their wrist, now catch a information they need and pierce on with their day. This is because Apple’s User Interface Guidelines advise that app developers keep all interactions with a watch to reduction than 30 seconds.

With a 30-second time constraint, how do we commission users to review a presentation and reply, while avoiding a often-awkward voice response? We focused on context-intelligent emojis and canned content responses to respond quickly. While a simple forms of both of these technologies have been accessible for years, they lacked context and a ability to accurately envision a user’s reply. That’s commencement to change.

Right now, craving messaging applications offer a array of canned responses, such as “Yes, I’m accessible now” or “We sealed a deal.” Eventually, messaging applications will be means to accumulate applicable information to capacitate a origination of personalized and applicable response options.

For example, if a co-worker asks to do lunch during 1pm, a app could accumulate information from a user’s calendar, stream location, past preferences and outward information (such as entrance to OpenTable) to advise personalized responses, such as “I’m not accessible until 1:30. Let’s accommodate during Salt House on Mission Street. They have tables accessible during that time.”

Looking Ahead

With a new watchOS 2 announcement, that will support local apps as good as third-party complications, it is transparent Apple views enriched third-party apps as vicious to delivering a entirely integrated wearable experience. Still, a full intensity of messaging apps will not be satisfied until a Apple Watch can duty though a iPhone.

Independent of this crutch, and with a capabilities of all from present communication to plan management, a Apple Watch stands to turn a ultimate convener, permitting users to seamlessly conduct both their personal and veteran lives.

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