Published On: Sun, May 17th, 2020

Megabyte Punch Developer "Left In The Dark" After Nintendo Pulls Game From Switch eShop

Megabyte Punch.

In an email, a tiny studio from a Netherlands (and formerly obliged for Lethal League Blaze) explained how it expelled a “electro kick ‘m-up game” on a Nintendo Switch final Friday, on 8th May. The diversion was already “breaking even” for a developer until a village beheld users in Europe and Australia were incompetent to squeeze a pretension from a eShop.

We have no thought since this happened nor were we told by Nintendo about this. We have reached out though have nonetheless to accept a response. At a time of writing, a diversion has been taken for squeeze for during slightest 12 hours in Europe and Australia.

One speculation is it could be a technical problem with a eShop, and another is it was taken down since of a bug. The developer goes on to acknowledge there were bugs in a pretension though says it’s no opposite from any other new release. A patch is already being processed as well:

Nintendo themselves have tested a diversion to make certain it fits their peculiarity standards. On tip of that, a patch is already being processed that solved several bugs found in a game. But it would not explain a diversion being taken usually in certain regions.

Team Reptile says it has been “completely left in a dark” and wants to solve a emanate as fast as possible.

Given a fact it’s a weekend right now, we can’t see this emanate being addressed any time soon, though if there are any updates, we’ll be certain to let we know. It’s also value indicating out a diversion is still accessible in North America.

Did we notice Megabyte Punch had left blank in name regions? Any thought why? Share your thoughts below.

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