Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

Meet The ‘SwitchGuard’, An Accessory That Aims To Keep Your Switch From Being Stolen


A new, third-party appendage for a Nintendo Switch has seemed on a market, anticipating to yield a approach of gripping your console protected from intensity thieves.

Pintoro, a manufacturer behind a ‘SwitchGuard’, has described a product as “the best approach to deter burglary of your Nintendo Switch during a tournament, in your dorm, in an office, or in your home”. It has dual thatch – one on tip to stop thieves from holding a console itself, as good as a wire close and container reduce down to forestall a whole SwitchGuard from being taken – and facilities several cutouts to concede airflow to a complement and gaps for a required cables.

You can check it out in a images below.

It reminds us of a ‘Game Console Safe’ that we reported on behind in October, nonetheless this new product does underline several differences in a design. If you’re meddlesome in picking one up, we can do so directly from a manufacturer’s site for $49.99. Here are some product facilities to give we a small some-more info:

– Premium transparent acrylic – Show off your Joycons and docks with transparent transparent acrylic!
– Metal locking resource to secure your Nintendo Switch safely in a SwitchGuard.
Cable close container mounted on a behind of a SwitchGuard to concede a use of a wire lock. Use a enclosed wire close to secure your SwitchGuard to a table, monitor, or TV!
– Multiple cutouts to concede movement by a SwitchGuardCutouts for a HDMI, Power Cable, and GameCube Adapter to clean upsurge out of a SwitchGuard.

What do we think? Would a SwitchGuard be useful for we during home or when holding your Switch out and about? Share your thoughts with us in a comments below.

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