Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2020

Meet News Break, a news app trending in America founded by a Chinese media veteran

TikTok isn’t a usually new media app with Chinese credentials that’s creation waves in a U.S. News Break, a news app founded by China’s media maestro Jeff Zheng with teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Seattle and Mountain View, has been sitting among a tip 3 news apps in a U.S. App Store given March, according to third-party information from Sensor Tower.

Positioned as a news aggregator focused on internal reporting, a height surged to be a third-most downloaded U.S. iOS app opposite a house in mid-March.

The fledgling news app announced this week a estimable boost as it onboards Harry Shum as a house chairman. Shum is a former boss of Microsoft AI and Research Group and played a pivotal purpose in substantiating a Microsoft Research Asia lab, that has lerned a raft of China’s tip AI talents including a owner of unconstrained pushing unicorn Momenta.

Former Microsoft executive Harry Shum joins News Break, a internal news aggregator founded in a U.S. by a Chinese media maestro (Photo source: News Break)

News Break is staffed with other storied abroad Chinese tech bosses. Jeff Zheng, a first arch executive, headed adult Yahoo Labs in Beijing where he oversaw algorithm improvements in search, media, promotion and mobile. In 2011, he left Yahoo to launch Yidian Zixun, a Beijing-based startup seen early on as a categorical opposition of Toutiao, a strike news app that done ByteDance a domicile name in China before Douyin emerged. Together with other algorithm-driven news apps, a twin altered a habits of hundreds of millions in China from immoderate human-curated news to machine-recommended calm with minimal tellurian oversight.

News Break is Zheng’s bid to replicate Yidian Zixun’s success in unfamiliar markets with his co-founder Ren Xuyang, a former Baidu executive. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2015, News Break now boasts 23 million monthly users with a flourishing network of over 10,000 calm providers.

Screenshots of a News Break app (Source: News Break)

The form of personalized reading knowledge pioneered by Toutiao is now a default underline opposite media apps in a U.S., pronounced (in Chinese) Vincent Wu, arch handling officer of News Break, during an eventuality in Silicon Valley. To mount out from a crowd, a association serves up internal news and happenings for readers, for Wu celebrated that America’s mainstream media concentration overwhelmingly on inhabitant affairs and luminary gossip, “news that’s irrelevant to my day-to-day.”

“Only high-quality, hyper-relevant internal news can yield profitable information to readers,” he added.

ByteDance has attempted exporting a Toutiao indication by TopBuzz, though a abroad book never achieved mainstream success and is reportedly looking for a buyer.

Other large names concerned in News Break operation from Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang who assimilated as a arch confidant as good as Wu, HuffPost’s former operations head.

Particle Media, a Delaware-registered handling entity of News Break, has lifted over $20 million to date from investors including IDG Capital, ZhenFund and Ding Lei, a owner of Chinese online media and gaming hulk NetEase.

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