Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Meet Brain, The AI Engine That Wants To Replace Search

Fifteen miles divided from where Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked out of their initial bureau building a record that would turn Google, a group of eleven engineers no comparison than 20 are tough during work on building what they wish will be a replacement.

Their adoptive home, for a moment, is a co-working space Tim Draper set adult as partial of his Draper University startup program, and they’ve been fabricated their by Jerry Yue, a 24-year-old sequence entrepreneur.

Yue’s last startup, a Chinese food smoothness use, lifted $100 million during a finish of final year and is on a approach to fasten a ranks of China’s unicorns.

Now, with a assistance of his immature group of engineers (including a cadre from China’s tip engineering propagandize in Beijing), Yue has moved to a U.S. to launch Brain LLC. The company’s idea is zero brief of replacing a approach in that we devour information on a Internet.

The engineers during Brain explain they have grown an modernized algorithm that serves adult a many contextually applicable information to a user though a need to scour by hunt results.

Already a company’s record has been responding questions on Quora for would be recommendation seekers with an implausible grade of accuracy, Yue said.

But that’s only a beginning. Ultimately Yue wants his record and a algorithm that they’ve combined to offer as a enrich to a users’ possess brain.

“At a high level… if Google is a hunt engine this is an aspiration engine,” Yue told me.

The immature businessman is looking to emanate a practical partner for any user by carrying users submit not only a form of who they are, though what they do, and what they wish to do in a future.

By formulating this profile, Brain’s mind will send the information that’s many applicable to a user as they ensue toward any of their goals — relating a information to a dataset that a user created.


Sample of a user form combined for Brain, LLC

Eventually, Brain wants to mix a information set with a amicable height to bond users who share identical interests.

For now, a association is confident to have come adult with a new apparatus that it claims anticipates a users’ needs to broach a information that’s many applicable to them.

It’s a problem that Yue, who grew adult in Xi’an in Central China though changed to a U.S. for high propagandize and college before dropping out to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, has been introspective for a prolonged time.

While he was building Benlai into an e-commerce powerhouse, a immature businessman spent his gangling time tinkering with robotics and programming in most a same approach he had given he was a child, Yue said.

“I’ve been operative on this algorithm for some-more than 4 years,” pronounced Yue.

In some ways, a work The Brain is doing sounds not really opposite from some of a now gone collection like Zite or Prismatic that were portion adult contextually applicable news. But Yue’s aspiration is broader.

His company’s goal is to offer adult all a contextually applicable information a user might need in any situation.

To do this he’s lifted scarcely $1.5 million from an successful Chinese investor.

“We are feeding one some-more dimension to information,” pronounced Yue. “Right now information is flat,” he says delivering a dissimilar information set during a specific impulse in time. What Brain aims to do is ceaselessly broach information to assistance a user swell toward their goals.

Perhaps Yue puts it best himself in a recently penned blog post.  “The time between a person’s need and a ability to prove it by a web is shrinking. The tellurian mind and a internet are converging,” Yue wrote.

And a post continues:

Thinking “I wish a cheeseburger” and removing one now is positively as discerning as it gets. But what if that cheeseburger is bad for you? What if we wanted to run a Boston marathon over a summer? What if we humour from bad cholesterol?

If a internet knew these things about we — your past story and your longterm goals — it could evenly feed we calm about obscure your cholesterol; it could digest an ideal examination fast for a marathon. It could go over intuitiveness and actually serve as your intuition, providing we with revelatory calm that solves your longterm problems.

By giving a Brain perspectives, we are giving it entrance to these longterm problems. The calm it afterwards feeds we paint real, distinct solutions to these problems.

It is time for a internet to do some-more than prove a reduce finish of Maslow’s hierarchy; is time for it to prove your top self. At The Brain, this is is the ultimate mission.

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