Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2022

Mayfair Equity Partners aquires UK adtech height LoopMe for $120M

Founded behind in 2012, a LoopMe adtech/martech startup focused on brand-based mobile advertising, regulating AI to broach quantifiable outcomes for a users. At a height, it had lifted $25 million equity and $10 million of try debt (which was entirely paid off before signing). But there’s a reason for regulating a past moving — Mayfair Equity Partners, a tech and consumer expansion investor, has now acquired a infancy interest in LoopMe for $120 million, that will now value a association during tighten to $200 million. The $10 million of try debt was entirely paid off before to this transaction.

Mayfair’s investment will be used to accelerate expansion in core markets such as a United States while expanding into new geographies, including Japan. LoopMe’s founders, Stephen Upstone and Marco outpost de Bergh, are staying on. Upstone stays CEO and outpost de Bergh stays CTO.

LoopMe says it has estimated sum revenues of scarcely $100 million for full-year 2021, carrying achieved income expansion of c.50% p.a. over a past 3 years, with a infancy of revenues now entrance from a U.S.

The height optimizes media debate smoothness and is accessible opposite mobile, connected TV (CTV), digital audio, digital out-of-home and other rising digital promotion channels. The company’s clients embody brands, vital holding companies and publishers such as dentsu, Publicis, WPP, Omnicom, Pepsi, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Hyundai/Kia and WarnerMedia.

Mayfair has already invested in other digital media properties, including Talon Outdoor (Out-of-Home dilettante media agency) and SuperAwesome (a heading kids’ digital media platform). It’s also a shareholder in Epic Games (the developer of Fortnite and a Unreal Engine), OVO Group (a tech-enabled appetite solutions provider) and Graphcore (a pioneering developer of AI accelerators).

Stephen Upstone, CEO and owner of LoopMe said: “LoopMe has gifted unusual expansion over a past 10 years, quite in a US, within a mobile video app ecosystem and now in CTV. As a heading information and privacy-compliant program height delivering well-developed opening but a need for personal identifying data, LoopMe is staid for continued success given ongoing marketplace developments with regards to data regulation and usage.”

Daniel Sasaki, handling partner during Mayfair Equity Partners said: “Over a final decade a mobile brand-based promotion marketplace has undergone a duration of fast growth, expanding to over $8 billion[1] in size. This is a really energetic partial of a AdTech ecosystem, that is upheld by augmenting handset invasion and a enterprise for personalized digital content.”

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