Published On: Sun, May 3rd, 2020

"Massive" Nintendo Leak Reveals All About The Wii Generation


There’s apparently been another “massive” Nintendo leak, though there’s no need to worry about it spoiling a warn for anyone as a commentary have zero to do with a Japanese company’s stream era of gaming.

A ResetEra user by a name of Atheerios explains what accurately all a bitch is about:

As we might be aware, in a final few weeks in 4chan mixed Nintendo-related aged things have been leaking, starting with aged Pokémon debug ROMs and source code, afterwards many new 3DS debug ROMs, afterwards keys for all consoles adult until a DSi and now a biggest of them all: a full source code, pattern files, support and flattering most all used to emanate a Revolution, aka Wii.

So, how did this happen? The servers of BroadOn were presumably hacked. This association was hired by Nintendo during a Wii era to rise both hardware and software. The same post goes on to explain how “the biggest and craziest thing” about a trickle are a datasheets, retard diagram, and Verilog files for each component:

Verilog is a hardware outline language; is used to report circuits around code, so with this we can learn how each singular square of a Wii was made.

There is even some “gamecube and iQue stuff” within a same leak, and next is video footage of one of a many Nintendo 64 demos that have now been uploaded online. This is believed to be a demo ROM used by Nintendo to exam a system:

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