Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05 Includes New Denuvo Version – Report

It appears that a latest Mass Effect Andromeda patch includes a new chronicle of Denuvo’s anti-temper technology.

Although stable by Denuvo, Bioware’s latest Mass Effect installment was already burst by warez organisation CPY within 10 days after a game’s release. At least, adult to diversion chronicle 1.04 as EA and Bioware have clearly updated to a new chronicle of Denuvo by Andromeda’s latest 1.05 update.

The justification appears to have been speckled by sagacious Reddit user “NTSTATUS”, who posted his commentary some days ago. Apparently, Andromeda’s 1.05 updated executable record contains strings that are also benefaction in Dead Rising 4 and NieR, both of that are regulating a latest Denuvo version.

An engaging find as this would indicate that EA didn’t embody a latest chronicle of Denuvo’s anti-temper record with a day-one chronicle of Andromeda. As many of we competence know, a latest Mass Effect Andromeda refurbish fixes a lot of a apparent facial animation issues that have been benefaction given a diversion went live by early entrance behind in March, and this DRM refurbish clearly excludes users of a pirated chronicle from that critical update.

Mass Effect Andromeda is accessible now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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