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Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.09 Patch Fixes Several Single Player Bugs; Adds New Multiplayer Content And Features

Mass Effect Andromeda, a latest entrance in a array expelled a few months behind on PC and consoles, perceived a new patch that introduces copiousness of singular actor fixes and more.

The Mass Effect Andromeda 1.09 update, accessible now on all formats, introduces a lot of singular actor bug fixes that should concede those who were incompetent to ensue by a diversion to finally be means to do so. The patch also introduces copiousness of new multiplayer calm and features, such as a new Platinum problem and more.

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Mass Effect Andromeda refurbish 1.09 – single-player patch notes

  • Various improvements to facial animations and cinematic scenes
  • Improved stability
  • [MP] Platinum problem added
  • Fixed emanate where certain hair textures could disappear from womanlike tradition heads when regulating Facial Reconstruction Suite
  • Fixed emanate where disastrous AVP could be displayed after reaching Nexus turn 20
  • Fixed several query course blockers
  • Fixed emanate where Ryder could be killed even when following directions during a rhythmical travel by Aya
  • Fixed emanate where actor could dedicate to relations with both Jaal and Cora concurrently
  • Fixed emanate where a “Reach a Signal Source” design in Peebee’s query line could destroy to trigger
  • Fixed emanate where actor could get trapped on a edge in a Elaaden Vault, causing an gigantic bucket screen
  • Fixed save/load issues with a final conflict area in Peebee’s Loyalty mission
  • Fixed emanate where a “Speak to Sid” design on a Nexus could insist indefinitely
  • Fixed emanate where query pen could disappear during a final step of a “Reformation” query on Voeld
  • Addressed emanate where it was probable for a actor to be pounded during initial review with Bain Massani on Eos
  • Fixed emanate where save/load could means final height to disappear in Drack’s Loyalty Mission
  • Fixed emanate where a actor can’t swell by a final story goal if a Nomad is damaged from a “Out of Gas” quest
  • Added a acknowledgment prompt before changing Ryder’s coming on a Tempest
  • Fixed emanate where actor could turn trapped by NPCs in a APEX HQ on a Nexus
  • X5 Ghost can now be dismantled.
  • Fixed emanate where TAB (keyboard) and Start/Options (Controller) no longer served as shortcuts to tighten a postponement menu
  • Fixed emanate where auto-level could allot ability points into loyalty-locked squadmate skills
  • Tactical Cloak m�lange repairs reward now relates to jump-melee as well.
  • Fixed emanate with Fusion Mods displaying improper stats
  • [PC] Improved HDR functionality on Windows 10 Creators Update
  • [PC] Photo mode now supports Ansel’s depth-of-field controls.
  • [PC] Fixed emanate where Logitech keyboard rebinding would means pivotal lighting to work improperly

Mass Effect Andromeda refurbish 1.09 – multiplayer patch notes


  • Introduced Platinum Difficulty, featuring churned rivalry factions.
  • Added a Batarian Scrapper impression (Rare).
  • Added a Skin Tone slider to customization options for some characters.
  • Added Veteran Bonus ranks that boost power, combo, and m�lange repairs stats for any character.
  • There are now dual daily hurdles and new forms of challenges.
  • The Item Store has a weekly revolution of dual Uncommon and dual Rare apparatus items.
  • Characters can be renamed in a customization options.


  • Added a Kishock Harpoon Gun, a heavy, single-shot batarian sniper purloin that bleeds targets slowly.
  • There are new versions of a Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare weapons with singular perks.

Assault rifles

  • Avenger S
    • Increased repairs from 55-66 to 66-79
  • Falcon
    • Increased repairs from 385-462 to 415-498
    • Increased sum ammo from 30-38 to 36-45
    • Increase blast radius from 2 meters to 3 meters
  • P.A.W.
    • Increased repairs from 58-67 to 64-74


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  • Charger S
    • Increased repairs from 47-56 to 57-68
  • Sidewinder
    • Decreased reload speed from 1.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds
    • Increased sum ammo from 42-53 to 60-75
  • Eagle
    • Increased shave distance from 18 to 24
    • Increased sum ammo from 180-225 to 192-240
  • Scorpion
    • Increased repairs from 475-570 to 587-704
  • Equalizer
    • Increased repairs from 57-68 to 71-85


  • Scattershot
    • Increased repairs from 66-79 to 87-104
  • Reegar Carbine
    • Increased repairs from 58-70 to 90-108

Sniper Rifles

  • Viper S
    • Increased repairs from 460-552 to 610-732
  • Indra
    • Decreased repairs from 105-126 to 92-110
  • Black Widow
    • Increased repairs from 771-891 to 900-1041
    • Increased gun diseased indicate multiplier from 1.7 to 2.0
  • Naladen
    • Changed repairs placement between impact and area of outcome from a 40/60 ratio to 20/80
  • Shadow
    • Slowed down a Shadow’s recharge by 33%


  • Added new Targeting System mod for pistols and conflict rifles that increases correctness though a magnified scope.

Powers – Combat

  • Concussive Shot:
    • Increased bottom repairs from 350 to 440
    • Increased Rank 3 repairs reward from 25% to 35%, and Rank 5 repairs reward from 40% to 50%
    • Increased Rank 6 Anti-Shield repairs reward from 50% to 100% and Rank 6 Anti-Armor repairs reward from 50% to 120%
  • Flamethrower:
    • Increased a approach repairs per second from 240 to 250
    • Increased a blazing repairs over time from 120 to 130 per second
  • Frag Grenade:
    • Base repairs radius augmenting from 5 meters to 6 meters
    • Rank 5 Shrapnel repairs over time augmenting from 65 to 100 repairs per second. Duration augmenting from 5 seconds to 6 seconds

Powers – Tech

  • Assault Turret:
    • Rank 5 Omni-Link radius augmenting from 6 meters to 10 meters
    • Rank 6 Cryo Ammo bullet repairs reward augmenting from 20% to 60%
  • Rank 6 Flamethrower:
    • Immediate repairs per second augmenting from 150 to 275
    • Burning repairs over time augmenting from 130 to 200 repairs per second, and a bake generation augmenting from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
    • Flamethrower repairs to armor augmenting from 50% to 60%
    • Flamethrower operation augmenting from 8 meters to 15 meters
  • Fortify:
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Rank 6 Unmoving Defense from providing settled repairs resistance
    • Increased Rank 6 Unmoving Defense repairs insurgency from 8 to 10 per second, adult to a limit of 50 (was 40)
  • Tactical Cloak Stealth Grid:
    • Increased a m�lange repairs reward from 60% to 75% and reward window from 2 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Tactical Cloak:
    • Escape Artist now recloaks actor for 4 seconds after murdering blow with a m�lange attack.
  • Remnant VI
    • Decreased a Rank 2 lamp repairs reward from 65% to 50%
    • Decreased a Rank 5 Focus lamp repairs reward from 100% to 80%
    • Increased a Rank 6 Electric lamp repairs reward from 30% to 50%
  • APEX Training Passive:
    • Rank 5 Aerial Combat Training is now Special Combat Training and adds 50% repairs to combo eruption on tip of existent bonuses

Powers – Biotic

  • Lance:
    • Increased bottom repairs from 350 to 400
    • Increased aim support vs. apart targets from a 2-degree angle to a 3-degree angle
  • Nova:
    • Increased Rank 5 Anti-Armor and Anti-Shield repairs bonuses from 75% to 100%
    • Increased Rank 6 Seismic repairs reward from 40% to 50%
  • Shockwave:
    • Increased bottom repairs from 350 to 400
  • Singularity:
    • Increased a Rank 3 repairs per second reward from 40% to 100%
    • Increased a Rank 6 Explosion repairs from 350 to 700
  • Throw
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Throw arrange 6b from augmenting combo eruption damage
  • Annihilation
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Annihilation from inspiring targets within initial 5 seconds of activation


  • In many cases, Ascendant, Fiend, and Hydra sync kills are no longer fatal, though will move down a player.


  • Timers and swell bars now scale formed on problem level.
  • Devices now contingency be defused within 45 seconds of spawning. This timer resets on completing interaction.
  • Upload lassitude rate now reduced when not tranquil by players.
  • Hack can now be contested by enemies.
  • Assassination
    • Replaced with Boss objective
    • Boss now spawns some-more formidable variants of creatures, in on-going sequence of quadruped difficulty
    • Targets have special nameplates, some-more strike points, and take reduced repairs from Cobra RPGs


  • Juggernaut Shield reward augmenting to 20%
  • Shield Enhancer reward Increased to 30%
  • Revive Pack Transmitter
    • Renamed as Supply Pack Transmitter
    • Now duplicates a effects of First Aid, Revive Packs, and Ammo Packs to teammates within 10 meters
    • Increases a radius of a Cobra RPG by 50%
  • Damage from Cobra missiles mutated to be some-more unchanging among rivalry types, and no longer understanding additional repairs to diseased points.

Mass Effect Andromeda is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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