Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg: “We do not sell information to advertisers”

While many of us in a tech universe are informed with Facebook’s business model, there is a common myth among people that Facebook collects information about we and afterwards sells that information to advertisers.

Zuckerberg wants everybody (especially a U.S. Senate) to know that’s not a case, and has laid onward a many elementary instance to explain it.

During his testimony, a Facebook CEO simplified to Senator John Cornyn that Facebook does not sell data.

There is a really common myth that we sell information to advertisers, and we do not sell information to advertisers. What we concede is for advertisers to tell us who they wish to strech and afterwards we do a placement. So, if an advertiser comes to us and says, ‘Alright, I’m a ski emporium and we wish to sell skis to women,’ afterwards we competence have some clarity since people common skiing associated calm or pronounced they were meddlesome in that. They common either they’re a woman. And afterwards we can uncover a ads to a right people but that information ever changing hands and going to a advertiser. That’s a really elemental partial of how the indication works and something that is mostly misunderstood.

While, again, this might seem candid to many of us, Zuckerberg found himself carrying to explain some-more than once that Facebook does not sell information during his Senate testimony.

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