Published On: Thu, Nov 19th, 2020

Marissa Mayer’s startup launches the initial central product, Sunshine Contacts

Former Yahoo CEO and early Google worker Marissa Mayer’s startup Lumi Labs is currently rebranding to Sunshine and releasing a initial central product. Its new app, Sunshine Contacts, aims to be a softened apparatus for organizing, updating and pity hit information with others. In time, a association envisions a portfolio of consumer-facing applications that facilitate common tasks in areas like events, organization, family sharing, scheduling and more.

Founded in 2018 by Mayer and associate Yahoo and Google oldster Enrique Muñoz Torres, Lumi Labs has been focused on regulating worldly technologies, like A.I., to urge a common applications people use any day.

Or, as Mayer puts it, “if record can expostulate a car, how come it can’t usually classify my contacts, make scheduling easier or do some things that seem a lot some-more straightforward?” She says a thought with Lumi Labs — or now Sunshine, as it’s called — is to make those bland apps softened and some-more frictionless.

The association final year expelled a tiny examination that hinted during what was to come with Holiday Helper, a desktop app that helped users some-more simply put together their holiday mailing list.

That product was not entirely fleshed out, however, and Mayer currently characterizes it as some-more of an practice or a comfortable adult for a Sunshine team.

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With a launch of Sunshine Contacts, a association is relocating closer towards a thought of regulating complicated technologies to urge paltry tasks.

The new app, during initial glance, seems not distinct those introduced in years past with a identical thought of softened organizing and updating a user’s contacts, like Mingle, Vignette, Humin, FullContact, Bump, CardFlick, Hashable, My Name is E, CardMunch, Brewster, or any of dozens of startups that once directed to kill a business tag or auto-update your residence book.

While many of those early efforts are no more, choice apps like Cardhop from Flexibits, for example, are still means to attract a constant user bottom looking for an stretched underline and some-more improvements over built-in solutions, like Apple or Google’s possess residence books, for instance.

Sunshine Contacts’ proceed to a market, meanwhile, isn’t usually to attract users meddlesome in softened functionality, yet to eventually offer a apartment of consumer services underneath a Sunshine brand.

Image Credits: Sunshine

The app itself seems a small underwhelming in terms of a design, a callback maybe to a Google cultured of things that work, yet aren’t unequivocally pretty.

Sunshine Contacts works by pulling in data, with permission, from your iPhone contacts and from Google Contacts. In afterwards tries to enhance on a simple information these imports offer by identifying your contact’s place of business, if not available, anticipating their LinkedIn profile, autocompleting blank information, looking adult addresses, adding form pictures, examining phone numbers to tag them as work or cell, for example, and more. The app can also assistance to deduplicate residence with merges.

Image Credits: Sunshine

If we additionally give Sunshine Contacts entrance to your Gmail, it can indicate a email signature lines in your inbox to serve finish a residence fields.

This, of course, isn’t a new concept. FullContact did this in years past, as did smaller startups. Services like Evercontact or SigParser offer identical solutions today. Meanwhile, apps like Rapportive popularized a thought of pulling in outmost information found on a web to benefaction a some-more minute perspective of your email contacts. (The owner has given changed on to enhance on that strange judgment with Superhuman, a full email customer with tons of other bells and whistles.)

When reaching out to a contact, Sunshine Contacts works a small like a personal CRM, by charity we useful context about your relationship, including your many new email correspondence. You can also share your hit information simply with other Sunshine users by proceed of a vicinity showing data, yet this would usually be useful if a app got vicious mass.

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Given that Sunshine Contact’s underline set is not accurately violation new ground, Sunshine Contacts will need to try to stir on how good it’s means to perform a tasks during hand.

“I consider that a synthetic comprehension that we’ve deployed in a app unequivocally comes by when we demeanour during a quality,” explains Mayer. For example, she says, other apps’ proceed to deduplicating contacts is mostly sincerely simple — usually noticing that there were dual “Adam Smiths,” yet not digging into a sum to comprehend they were opposite people.

“They don’t take a certainty interlude and vigilance and evidence-based approach,” Mayer says. “So we consider you’ll see a A.I. in a in a peculiarity of a merges, a peculiarity of things like name completion, and nickname identification. We’ve finished a garland of things that we consider are utterly intelligent and are softened than some of a other things that we’ve seen. we also consider that a formation with plcae is quite innovative,” she adds.

That is, Sunshine Contacts can entrance a user’s plcae — again, with accede — to make serve inferences about who a user is spending time with some-more frequently or to make exchanging contacts between dual Sunshine Contacts users easier when they’re assembly in person.

Image Credits: Sunshine

But with all a app’s requests for user information — residence books, email integration, plcae information — Sunshine has an ascending conflict in terms of gaining user trust after years of being burnt by tech companies that betrothed conveniences usually to accumulate vast information stores of personal information for some-more sinful functions than usually creation life easier.

To residence this issue, Sunshine is charity a remoteness oath where it commits to information confidence practices and promises to never sell user data.

“We take a unequivocally clever position that this information is not and will never be for sale in any figure or form, says Torres. “So, you’re giving us a information for a purpose of creation your product knowledge radically softened and that is a usually purpose that we’re going to be regulating it for,” he continues. “We don’t sell it in total form and particular forum we don’t aim promotion formed on it. In fact we don’t have any promotion as partial of a app,” Torres notes.

Users can also opt in usually to a facilities they wish to use. If they don’t wish to share location, for instance, they can simply repudiate a permission.

Instead, Sunshine’s business indication will be a direct-to-consumer freemium model, yet for now a Sunshine Contacts app is entirely free. As a association rolls out additional offerings in a suite, it will opt to monetize any app in a proceed that’s many suitable — for instance, by creation some simple functionality free, afterwards charity paid upgrades to a incomparable set of features.

The startup lifted a $20M seed turn in May 2020 from inside and outward investors, including Felicis Ventures, Unusual Ventures, WIN Ventures, as good as countless angel investors.

The app is rising initial on iOS (iOS 11 or higher) on an invite-only basement in a U.S. A web chronicle will after follow as will support for general markets.

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