Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Bug, But Introduces New Issue


Back in February, Nintendo released a patch for Mario Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey to repair a bug that had been famous to radically mangle players’ save files. In an peculiar spin of events, this patch has indeed brought with it a code new issue, violation one of a game’s other features.

Originally, if Mario was mislaid from your celebration in a Nimble Woods area of a game, and we afterwards went on to save your progress, a diversion would glitch out and Luigi would be incompetent to pierce over your stream section. This has been resolved – Nintendo even managed to save a diversion files for those already influenced – though it has now been detected that a game’s jukebox has stopped operative correctly.

The jukebox allows players to suffer a series of song marks from a new diversion as good as strange pieces from a DS release. Since a update, players have speckled that dire ‘play’ on any of a strange marks now presents we with zero though overpower and, once you’ve finished this, a other – creatively operative – marks destroy to bucket too. You can see it function in this video below.

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