Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Marietje Schaake is ‘very endangered about a destiny of democracy’

In a ten years she spent as a member of a European Parliament, Marietje Schaake became one of Brussels’ heading voices on record process issues.

A Dutch politician from a centrist-liberal Democrats 66 party, Schaake has been called “Europe’s many wired” politician. Since stepping down during a final European Parliament elections in 2019, she has doubled down with her work on cyber policy, apropos boss of a CyberPeace Institute in Geneva and relocating to a heart of Silicon Valley, where she has assimilated Stanford University as both a International Director of Policy during Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center, as good as an International Policy Fellow during a Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

I spoke with her about her tip cyber process concerns, a prospects of larger U.S.-EU team-work on record and many more.

Can we tell me about your tour from MEP in Brussels to consider tank in academia?

There were a accumulation of reasons since we suspicion a third tenure was not a best thing for me to do. we started meditative about what would be a good approach to continue, focusing on a quarrel for justice, for concept tellurian rights and increasingly for a order of law. A series of educational institutions, generally in a U.S. reached out, and we started a review about what a options competence be, what we suspicion would be worthwhile. [My goal] was to know where tech is going and what does it meant for society, for democracy, for tellurian rights and a order of law? But also how do a politics of Silicon Valley work?

I feel like there’s a outrageous opportunity, if not to contend gap, on a West Coast when it comes to a process emporium — both to investigate process that a companies are creation and to demeanour during what supervision is doing since Sacramento is super interesting. 

So from a process perspective, what areas of tech are we meditative about most?

I’m really endangered about a destiny of democracy in a broadest clarity of a word. we feel like we need to know improved how a design of information flows and how it impacts a offline approved world. The some-more people get directed in a certain direction, a some-more a foundations of tangible liberalism and magnanimous democracy are challenged. And we feel like we only don’t demeanour during that enough.

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