Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Many OnePlus 5 Owners Reporting Weird ‘Jelly Scrolling’ Issue on a Phone

OnePlus 5 has been garnering a lot of neglected courtesy after launch. Starting with allegations on feign benchmark scores to overhyped capabilities such as 2x visual zoom. Despite a clever hardware, a device is now receiving consumer recoil per optimisation issues. Many OnePlus 5 users are stating a new emanate on a device, dubbed “Jelly Scrolling.”

Jelly Scrolling, as a name suggests, is about shade optimisation for calm viewing. Apparently, some users are experiencing stretched or precipitated perspective on web pages like a Twitter feed. It is being called Jelly due to a rootless blueprint that is popping adult on several units. It is tough to report a issue, though we can assume that a calm on web pages corkscrew in delayed motion. You can check out this video common by one of a users on a OnePlus 5 forum.

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For now, a reason behind a Jelly Scrolling is unknown, though it is positively an unwelcoming emanate on a OnePlus 5. It could change a knowledge of a device that is propitious with flagship turn specifications. As we mentioned above, this emanate is not popping on all a OnePlus 5 units, that means that there are satisfactory chances that your OnePlus 5 won’t get hampered.

Users who are confronting a issue, consider that a emanate could be since of a poise of Vertical Sync (VSYNC) or maybe since a device’s arrangement is somewhat mounted. However, both of a reasons don’t seem plausible.

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OnePlus is wakeful of a issue

This reminds us of a hold latency emanate on a final year’s OnePlus 3 smartphone. Well, it is not an emanate that can’t be fixed. We wish OnePlus is listening to a user complaints and operative on a resolution to repair a Jelly Scrolling emanate on a OnePlus 5. The association has responded to a issue, though we have no information about a timeline for a repair to arrive on influenced units.

OnePlus does not have a purify record for regulating issues on name units of their smartphones. Last year, a association had not bound a hold latency problem on a OnePlus 3. This time around, we wish that OnePlus pays mind to user complaints and fixes a issue.

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