Published On: Tue, May 30th, 2017

Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC Available Now – New Missions, Weapons, Environments & More

2K and and Hangar 13 announced that a Stones Unturned DLC is now accessible for Mafia III. The second of 3 DLC expansions accessible away or collectively with a Season Pass, Stones Unturned is set to yield a outrageous volume of additional new content. Check out a minute overview below.

  • A stirring new story, sport down a opposition from a past. Join Donovan on a follow to locate former opposition Connor Aldridge and his niggardly army, who are on a route of a downed aircraft carrying dangerous cargo.
  • Dive into a movement with fan-favorite John Donovan. Donovan is withdrawal a motel room and fasten Lincoln in a action! He’ll be right alongside we each step of a way, enormous correct as your wingman. That also means we’ll get some-more good remarkable moments with these characters, sketch on their society fake during their time in Vietnam.
  • New environments to explore. We’re withdrawal New Bordeaux and streamer to a code new unenlightened jungle island – something not nonetheless seen in Mafia III. In further to tracking a downed troops craft and a load opposite this new island, we’re also exploring some secret areas in New Bordeaux while on Aldridge’s trail.
  • Bounty Hunting missions. After completing a story of “Stones Unturned,” group adult with new associate Robert Marshall to lane and overpower pivotal targets causing astonishing difficulty around New Bordeaux.
  • New collection to play with. Lincoln and Donovan are going opposite a well-armed niggardly force, so they’re going to need a few additional weapons to play with.
  • Weapons: Hop in a behind of a vehicle-mounted turret and take out incoming foes, or go shrill with a softened grenade launcher and RPG.
  • Sniper Service: You’ll also get a ability to call in Marshall’s Sniper Service to fast pinpoint and take out enemies.
  • Outfits: Go tactical with a new Jungle Camo commando clothe for some-more critical affairs, or enclose a Party Animal outfit for a infrequent demeanour that would fit only right on an island or in a Cuban café.
  • New Fleet Vehicles: The heavy-duty Griffin Borneo Sport joins Lincoln’s swift after completing a story missions. Make certain to finish all of a annuity sport missions to get a sporty De’Leo Stiletto, as good as new decals for customizing your ride.

It should be remarkable that to entrance this DLC, you’ll need to have brought all of a 3 lieutenants to your side in a storyline. Check out lots of screenshots and a launch trailer below.

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