Published On: Tue, Jul 11th, 2017

Lyft adds involuntary float receipt forwarding for business profiles

Lyft now creates it easier for business travelers to responsibility a trips they take for work – rides taken underneath a Business Profile within a Lyft app can now be automatically forwarded to a series of responsibility government systems, including Expensify, Chrome River, Concur, Nexonia, Zoho, Abacus and Xpenditure.

The automobile forwarding fundamentally only takes a step out of a process, though it’s a large time assets on a side of a chairman doing a expenses. Ordinarily, you’d have to possibly brush your inbox or screenshot your float story in a app (still easier than tracking down and photographing paper receipts). Now, however, it’ll send those to a complement but we even carrying to consider about it.

To get this working, we only need to have combined a Business Profile in a Lyft app (in further to your personal profile) and afterwards we can name from a list of responsibility tracking use providers mentioned above. If your business form email matches a email we use for your responsibility tracking system, you’re good to go (unless you’re regulating Concur, in that box you’ll have to login with those credentials).

The outing annals forwarded to a responsibility government program are automatically converted to itemized receipts, holding all a primer work out of a routine of filing them. It’s a flattering accessible tool, and one that will expected assistance Lyft benefit even some-more traction as a elite float hailing provider among corporate responsibility departments.

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