Published On: Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Loyalty Startup Belly Builds On Opportunities Of Apple Partnership, Launches New Marketing Suite

Fresh off of Apple’s WWDC proclamation progressing this summer that they would be partnering with faithfulness rewards module Belly as one of their “mobility partners,” Belly announced now that it will be rolling out a vital product refurbish to its businessman partners.

The refurbish focuses on Belly Complete, a “cohesive apartment of loyalty, email, social media, mobile and patron merger tools,” and is directed during permitting merchants entrance to palatable data that shows them a successes of their prior campaigns and identifies areas where there could mount to be a small improvement.

“Most people possibly consider of us as a consumer app or only a faithfulness program, though retailers unequivocally use faithfulness programs to expostulate their communications,” Belly CEO Logan LaHive told me.

Specifically, a new selling apartment allows merchants to offer keep in hold with customers. According to a association press release, with a company’s Auto-Engage tool, merchants are means to “incentivize business to come behind by environment up triggered offers that will automatically send formed on their shopping history.” And with Campaigns, Belly is means to offer merchants extended analytics capabilities through email selling combined within a apartment that measures a time between a summary nearing in a customer’s inbox and their subsequent outing to a business.

Belly has gifted some poignant expansion over a past 4 years in business. The Chicago-based company currently has 6 million users that have done over 60 million exchange with Belly at a over 11,000 merchants that now implement a technology. Belly has also lifted over $25 million in investments from partners like 7-Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and others.

Belly has continued to fast scale, and recently began a vital partnership with Apple as a solitary faithfulness rewards module in a list of “mobility partners.”

Regarding a company’s new products and Apple partnership, a association press release said:

During the company’s Jul 21st gain call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri mentioned that they are working with name mobility partners, that Belly is partial of, to expostulate business transformation opposite iOS devices. Belly’s formation with a other enclosed technology companies will capacitate businesses to put a singular capabilities of iPad to work within their organizations quicker and easier. As a sealed partner, Belly will yield its expanded product to an even wider network of sell businesses.

LaHive also chatted with me about how a formation of Belly into Apple’s recently rebranded Apple Wallet meant a event to strech out to some-more business and make a product even some-more visible.

“With Apple Wallet they’ve talked about faithfulness and rewards being in [it], though we consider what many people upset is that Apple doesn’t have a faithfulness module and Apple isn’t providing rewards,” LaHive said. “Most earthy retailers don’t have a record and infrastructure to build their possess Wallet functionality. With Belly, we are operative with earthy retailers to yield them with faithfulness programs that work seamlessly with Wallet and can work seamlessly with Apple Pay.”

Belly has confirmed a tighten attribute with Apple and was one of their beginning partners when Passbook was launched in 2012.

For LaHive, a tighten attribute with Apple is only another aspect that Belly can build on to improved offer customers. “We’re vehement to work with Apple to renovate how retailers use their iOS inclination to expostulate their business forward.”

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