Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Love Netflix? T-Mobile Is Giving Away Free Netflix Subscription With ‘Netflix On Us’ Promo

T-Mobile is on a approach to fetch as many business as it can or maybe keep a business so that they don’t spin to other carriers. Today, a association hosted an Un-Carrier Next eventuality to deliver new additions to a Un-Carrier movement. At a event, a conduit announced that it’s now adding Netflix for giveaway with some T-Mobile One plans.

To get Netflix for giveaway on your T-Mobile plan, we are compulsory to have during slightest dual or some-more line active. Two active lines cost $120/month while 3 lines can make we bombard out $140/month, 4 lines cost $160/month with taxes and fees. Customers with a “line-on-us” also validate for a promotion. The conduit also records that a business on Unlimited 55+ or 2 lines for $100 are authorised for Netflix On Us graduation by creation a switch to a latest T-Mobile One Plan.

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Netflix On Us promotion on T-Mobile includes Netflix Standard plan, that means that we get to tide dual shade on HD simultaneously. If we get this devise on Netflix, afterwards it will cost we $9.99/month, so if you’re a T-Mobile customer, afterwards we can save around $120/year. For a ones who watch HDR or Ultra HD content, they can ascent to $11.99 reward Netflix devise with T-Mobile. The conduit will supplement a $2 disproportion to your monthly bill.

For a ones who are not Netflix subscribers, this devise brings good freebie in a form of Netflix. If you’re a T-mobile user who has a same Netflix devise active separately, afterwards this could spin out to be fitting for we as T-Mobile will take caring of a cost of your subscription.

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Starting on Sep 12

T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us will go live from Sep 12, and it will be accessible for both new and existent customers. To enroll in a plan, we can go to T-Mobile’s website or T-Mobile store or only call T-Mobile patron support.

What’s your take on this new graduation by T-Mobile? Share your thoughts with us in a comments territory below.

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