Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

Looks Like Retro-Bit Is Resurrecting Sega’s Switch-Like Handheld, The Nomad

This is sincerely neat. we do like a idea. But we am removing ill of all a singular device counterpart hardware. we don’t wish a closet full of these things.

But suppose this, a protected device, like this, that can duty as a unstable or bond to a complicated TV, that can play roms from any dedicated Sega system, Master System, Mega Drive/Gensis, GameGear CD, 32X, Saturn and Dreamcast. with interchangable attachments can play and save to a device aged strange copies of games(each sole separately), and an internet tie with an central digital store for games from those systems. That is what we wish to see from Sega.

From Nintendo, what we wish is that on a Switch.(minus a attachments for aged cartridges, given we know that’d never work with a Switch’s form factor) Second to that, a dedicated device for retro calm from Nintendo like we described above, for all pre-Nintendo Wii. That arrange of device could work.

And we wish these inclination to not usually play a strange games, though to be means to save them to a device. To be means to improved safety these 20-40 year aged diversion cartridges.

And yes, we know there would be chartering issues and all sorts of other issues and what we report substantially isn’t feasible. But gosh damn it, we can still dream!

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