Published On: Wed, Mar 27th, 2019

Looks Like Final Fantasy VII On Switch Has Reintroduced A Bug That Was Patched Out Years Ago


Yesterday, after 22 years of waiting, a Nintendo console finally perceived a really possess chronicle of Final Fantasy VII. Perhaps a many famous and precious entrance in a series, a diversion will no doubt be attracting a courtesy of code new players and those who have already played it 15 times on other platforms, too.

Unfortunately, those informed with a diversion have beheld that a Switch pier has arrived with an irritating song bug that has indeed tormented prior versions, too. When a diversion found a approach to PS4 in 2015, a bug was benefaction that caused a overworld song to restart each time we fought by a pointless encounter; unless we wanted to only mount still on a map, there was no approach you’d be means to listen to a pieces in full.

With song being a poignant partial of a Final Fantasy experience, a bug caused a good understanding of dissapoint among fans. Square Enix eventually bound a emanate for PS4, though this Switch pier has clearly left backwards, reintroducing a emanate once again.

FF7via @APZonerunner (edited for language)

Amazingly, it appears that a new bug has also found a approach into a Switch version, causing issues with transitions between cutscenes and gameplay.

We’ll be certain to post a full examination of Final Fantasy VII’s Nintendo entrance on a site once we’ve had adequate time to entirely exam it out, so make certain to keep an eye out for that if you’re on a blockade about picking it up.

Hopefully these bugs will be patched out (again) soon. Weird.

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