Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

Looks Like DOOM 64 Will Only Cost £3.99 On Switch

@impurekind Points for a improved sound, that saying as it was on CD vs cartridge, was apparently kind of a given, though nonetheless we do like a atmospheric, scary sounds, we still cite a strange stone soundtrack version, that is simply some-more wise in my opinion, since it works with a dudebro atmosphere of it all. Hard, pumping stone music, instead of scary horror.

In that respect, we even feel like a N64 chronicle is blank something, since that one as well, chose a some-more scary soundtrack path. Perhaps we should see both a N64 and a PSX versions as swap ones, not as tangible ports, also since both games took elements from both Doom and Doom 2, and incorporated them in their particular versions.

On a side note: in another video of his, that same reviewer indeed recommends Doom 64 to people, due to it being a singular chronicle in a series.

On a personal note: we vastly cite a some-more plain looking N64 3D graphics over a wibbly-wobbly feverishness call outcome 3D from a PSX, even if a N64 does humour from too most softening/AA. In my opinion that’s still some-more easy on a eye than a sharp, rectilinear Ministeck hardness blocks that a PSX used.

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