Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

Looking Glass’s subsequent product is a holographic digital print frame

Looking Glass’s record is intensely cool, yet has, so far, been prohibitively expensive, trimming from $600 for a 8.9-inch product to $6,000 for a 15-inch indication — and an undisclosed sum for a 32-inch 8K display. Portrait competence not be a many technically desirous or versatile product a Brooklyn-based startup has produced, yet it’s simply a many accessible.

At $349, it’s still not inexpensive (though it’s $199 if we get in early around Kickstarter), yet it has to be one of a many affordable holographic displays on a market. Along with a pricing, a association is holding a some-more populist proceed to functionality, as well, charity adult what is radically a really modernized digital print frame. The complement offers adult to 100 opposite perspectives on a 3D image, which, distinct products like Sony’s new 3D display, can be noticed by mixed people during once.

Image Credits: Looking Glass

The complement can also be run but being tethered to a computer. Its standalone mode relies on a built-in mechanism to broach a 60 FPS holographic image. Those photos, meanwhile, can be prisoner with an iPhone and edited into a 3D picture regulating a enclosed HoloPlay Studio software. Holographic videos can also be prisoner with Azure Kinect and Intel RealSense cameras.

Looking Glass is targeting enterprises and eventually gamers with 8K holographic display

“It’s a initial step toward holographic video calls,” a association notes, maybe tipping a palm a bit about destiny plans.

“Ever given we was a small kid, we dreamed of a impulse that I’d be means to have a holographic arrangement of my own,” CEO Shawn Frayne says in a release. “I illusory what it would be like to send someone a holographic birthday message, or to contend hello as a hologram to my great-great-great granddaughter. Looking Glass Portrait, a perfection of 6 years of work by the Brooklyn and Hong Kong formed team, creates those dreams genuine for some-more people than ever before.”

The Portrait goes adult on Kickstarter today, and will be accessible to early backers for $199.

Looking Glass starts shipping a 8K holographic display

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